Part 20 - Missing Girl

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"GET THE COFFEE on, here comes Gatts, and it looks like it could be the English parents."

"Yes sir, coffee on the go, ready in a minute," tutted Skylab.

"Come in Gatts, and pleased to meet you both, sorry it's not the best of times," said a welcoming Skylab.

"I've explained to the vicar and his wife how we can proceed, and how you two fit in," said Gatts.

Kev noticed the dog collar, "Do you always wear that? I mean even when you are on holiday?"

"Young man, we are not on holiday. We are here to take our daughter home," replied a red-faced father.

Skylab caught the comment Kev had made, "Please sit down, help yourself, sugar and milk? Sorry about Kev, he speaks before he thinks."

She grinned at a chastised Kev.

"Yes, sorry, I meant nothing. I realise you are both worried about your daughter," smiled Kev.

The vicar offered a thin smile and said, "Debbie, is such a good girl when she says she will do something, she does it."

"But?" Kev said.

"She promised us an email, that was the last contact we had with her," answered the lady.

Her husband took over, "The Embassy was no help. They think she 'got lost on party island'. Whatever that means?"

Skylab placed her hand on Kev's chest, trying to stop him from commenting, before she said, "Many young people forget the time when they are having fun on Samui."

"Our Debbie is not like that!" glared the vicar. "She does not use illegal drugs, and never will."

Gatts spoke, "We have contacted the websites that backpackers use, we have asked for any information, and placed Debbie's picture."

"I'll see if there is any response yet." Skylab moved across to her computer. "Wow, that was quick. Two girls recognised the photo. They said they were expecting her to join them, but so far has not turned up." Skylab was busy tapping out an email to one girl. Straight away she received a reply.

Skylab called over her shoulder, "Debbie told her friends she wanted to go to Kanchanaburi first as she wanted to get some ideas for her degree course. Then would link up with them. They are worried about her as even if she went elsewhere she would have told them."

"We know she is not on Samui at least. The rest of Thailand is pretty big, but a start anyway." Kev spoke, but his eyes said more.

"Maybe she stayed at River Kwai? There are a lot of Christians there," hinted the vicar. Skylab could imagine the "Oh, God," going through Kev's mind. She was thankful he didn't voice those thoughts.

Gatts spoke up, "We've contacted police stations all over the country, so far there have been no reports or sightings. The hospitals also have no unnamed patients. So, unless Debbie has changed her identity, she must stay under the radar, or sorry to say, something terrible has happened to her that hasn't come to light yet." Debbie's mum asked, "What do we do now?"

"Find yourselves a hotel, let us know what your plans are and we will do everything we can," Skylab hoped that put their minds at rest, at least for a while.

"You expect us to sit and wait? And do nothing while our daughter could lay dead somewhere?" the vicar was losing his temper. His wife started crying.

Skylab led them to The Jed Pee Nong Hotel next to the office.

Back at her computer, Skylab tried other backpacker websites. She posted Debbie's photo with a missing person notice.

An hour later, there were three replies. The first two were from two louts from the north of England asking for a date. The third, however, seemed useful.

"We saw that girl in a restaurant, they call it 'Jumping Jack.' My girlfriend warned her that a guy was staring at her. That was all, hopefully, you can find her."

Gatts instantly called the nearest station, "Get a man round to Jumping Jack restaurant, I'll send you a picture, see what they know."

Fifteen minutes later they had a response.

"The owner remembers her, he likes blondes, and one of their customers who uses the restaurant occasionally went off with her." Kev and Skylab couldn't wait for Gatts to finish what he was saying, both stammering questions.

"No, sorry, neither has been back and no, they don't know who he is or where he lives. Just that he is a good tipper and is polite and always well dressed."

Where did she go? Did nobody vote for her? 

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