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Hey bitches
I want to call you guys nuggets today for some reason
Hey nuggets
That's better ;)

Reading this will catch you up on social media ;)

My name is Googly Bon Shnowzer Pantz and I am here with the news!

•Felix Kjellberg (aka Pewdiepie) has reached 39 million subscribers on YouTube and is the most subscribed person on YouTube
•Zayn Malik has left One Direction due to wanting a normal life and that should be respected
•The YouTube tag that is going around at the moment is the Emoji Tag
•Snapchat is becoming very popular
•Feminism rates are increasing
•I highly recommend for everyone to watch Mockingjay as it is very good!
•recommend song of the week is: Soap by Melanie Martinez

That has been Googly Bon Shnowzer Pantz with the news

I hope you liked this :D

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