Chapter 17

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School was long today. As usual. It seemed longer today because I'm looking forward to riding Pepper! I've visited him the past few days, but today I get to ride him! Kristy, Heather's grandmother, has been using him for his advanced riding students first before trying him with a special needs kid. He's been really good for the students!

I walked up to his stall and petted him. He was between a chestnut with a flaxen mane (which is like blonde colored hair) named Rookie, and an all black mare named Mollie.

I lead him out of the stall and to a pair of cross ties. I brushed him and missed the shiny grey color of his coat. I got his tack and tacked him up. I'm pretty sure that Heather is helping her mom with one of her special needs students. So I'll just have my own special ride with Pepper.

I lead him to the outdoor arena, and mounted him. I warmed him up and saw three girls who were wearing matching super clean white breaches, new black Ariat boots, and polos without a speck of horse hair on them come up and watch me ride. I felt a little self cautious in my old black breeches, worn boots, and a faded green t-shirt. I shrugged to myself and whispered to Pepper, "We have an audience."

When Pepper was warmed up, I dismounted and set up two cross rails as warm up jumps, then set up a few verticals that were about 2'6. I got back on and trotted Pepper a lap. Those girls were really bugging me, cause they were just watching my every move. I felt like they were judging me, which they probably were. I started towards the jump, and we easily jumped it. I steered him towards the other small cross rail, and we jumped that one too.

"Okay boy, lets take the big jumps now," I whispered to Pepper. We took off at a canter towards the first vertical, and we flew over it. Oh, how good it felt to be jumping with Pepper! We cantered and flew over the next few jumps easily. We continued to jump the jumps, and we came to the last one, and we jumped over it perfectly!

We trotted a 20 meter circle, and then I brought him down to a walk. I patted him. "Good boy!" I said to him. When I passed by the girls, I heard one whisper to her friends,"Anybody could do those tiny jumps easily. She's nothing special." I halted Pepper. "Nothing special?" I asked. "Please, you think jumping a clean round over those jumps is impressive? Well, me and my horse could jump a clean round over HIGHER jumps than that," the girl said. "Well, if you're so confident, go get your horse, and we'll raise the jumps to 3 feet." I said. Why did I say that?! I know Pepper and I can do it, but I don't want to make any trouble! And of course, I do the exact opposite of what I should have done. "Deal," the girl said. She strutted off with her other friends back to the barn.

"Oh Pepper, I'm so sorry! You just did a perfect round and yet I still ask more from you," I said. "I just got so angry! She insulted us like it was nothing! I wanted to wipe that annoying smirk off of her face." I let him continue walking around the arena, and ten minutes later the girl came back with a fancy, dark bay, German Warmblood mare. She mounted and warmed the mare up. They went over the warm up jumps, and I do have to say she wasn't bad.

"I'll go first," the girl said. "Fine with me," I replied. She started cantering her horse, and her friends cheered for her. "Goooo Cindy and Sunshine!"they cheered. I guess the girl's name was Cindy, and her horse's was Sunshine. They soared over the 3 foot jumps, and they were going at a quick time. I'm pretty sure we weren't timing it, but if we were, I don't know if I could beat their time. But when they came to the last jump, Cindy gave Sunshine a big kick, and Sunshine jumped WAY early over the jump, and knocked the rail down. I heard Cindy pat Sunshine and say,"It's okay girl, that was my fault." Good, she's not one of those brats that hits and kicks their horse when they mess up. I could tell that she actually enjoyed riding, and loved her horse.

"Nice round," I said. I meant it. It was overall a great round, except the end. She gave me a sarcastic smile, and then glared at me. Oh well, if she can't take any congratulations from me, then that's her fault. "Your turn, I'd like to see you do better," Cindy said. "I will," I relied. Could I do better? I'm not so sure, but I have to try.

I cantered a circle, then headed for the first jump. We flew over it, and we soared over the next few. We were doing awesome! We kept jumping the jumps like they were trotting poles, and when we soared over the last jump, I couldn't help but smile. "Good boy Pepper," I said. "I feel that I've proved my point," I said, and walked out of the arena.

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