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I examined her body to see the damage that was done the side of her was bleeding a lot, her arm was broken, there were brusies all over her back and small pieces of both rocks and wood lodged into her skin.

"Are you okay please answer" I ask and she grunts in response opening her mouth to say somthing but it fails on her. I guide both my hands down to pick her up bridal style easy to not hurt her one hand supporting her neck the other on her lower back. Grabbing my Katana and starting to walk up it was darker now silent tears falling down my face as Bella laid in my arms I didn't know if she was alive I had called out her name but she hasn't responded.

I'm praying that she was just sleeping. Wait what was it that Shinobu done she put her hand on Rengokus neck seeing the... Pulse? What exactly is that? Ugh. I've never done anything medical before I usually just fight and leave!

I move my fingers placing them on her neck feeling a small and fairly slow pulse, what was the pulse supposed to feel like? I move my hand to my neck and there was nothing...

I picked up the pace cradling her head as I ran to the Hashira house I was almost there but I wasn't sure if she would make it she looked really bad and the bleeding hadn't stopped only slowed down! She had such a small skinny body she couldn't of had much blood in her.

"I'm really cold" She whined in broken shivers i wrapped my haori around her and we arrived at the Hashira house

"SHINOBU!" I scream tears still rushing down my cheeks

"Y/N?" Giyuu questioned looking me up and down tears were running down my face and I had a young girl clinging to my body my hario stained with blood and dirt from the girls body. "What happened?" He questioned walking forward

"I need Shinobu! She's the only one who can save her I need her where is she?" I question between sobs, Giyuu takes the girl from my hands and takes off running he was alot faster than me he would get there in like 4 seconds. I stood in place for a second before running off behind him.

By the time I arrived in the butterfly estate Giyuu was already there sitting by the girls side her small fingers wrapped around his one finger as he smiled "Is she gunna be okay" I ask frantically looking at Shinobu

"Who is this Y/N"

"Bella she she's gunna be my understudy she's gunna learn everything about blood breathing and she's gunna live in my estate and she's gunna be happy" I say slightly stuttering over my words as i stood there frantically saying whatever I could like I was trying to convince Shinobu that she's gunna be okay

"I'm sorry Y/N" Shinobu looked down hoping i'd get the hit

"No shes gunna be okay I promised her she was gunna be okay!" I scream tears rushing down my face my entire body felt like jello as as fell backwards stumbling to the floor bringing my hands up to hide my tears as i sobbed into them.

I didn't save her.

"Y/N" Giyuu called out softly from next me but I couldn't move even though i wanted to there was a weight on my heart that was stopping my body from working she was so important to me.

I was even going to teach her everything. 

Giyuu wrapped his hand around me and pulled me into his side resting his chin on my head as he drew circles on my bare arms he opened his mouth to speak but he hasn't sure what he was to say? He was never much for talking especially in these situations. He didn't want to say somthing and mess this moment up like he had back in Y/Ns estate. So he stayed quite just hugging me as I quietly sobbed.

"The best you can do for her now is to stay by her side until she dies" Shinobu informed as she stood before both me and Giyuu "i'll give you some time alone" She said walking out of the room. Shinobu couldn't imagine how you were feeling it was obvious you were going to have that young girl as your successor to become the second ever Blood hashira Shinobu couldn't imagine the pain of ever loosing Kanao.

I stayed there leaning into Giyuus touch, before standing up I grabbed onto his hand dragging him along with me. I wanted to be with somone and Giyuu was the one I wanted to be with most but sadly I knew in the back of his head he was still anxious about me and Sanemi. I really fucked up but that didn't matter right now I just wanted to be by Bella's side she was going to die because she saved me.

"Do.. Do you need anything?" Giyuu hesitantly asked

"Can.. Can you get me new clothes theres so much blood on these" I ask looking at him he nods his head and steps up walking out of the room making his way to my estate

If i was being honest I wasn't that bloody but I wanted to try somthing... She was going to die anyway so even if it didn't work there would be no harm done! What if i cut my finger and drip blood into one of her open cuts. The thought of being a demon has still been lingering in my head this entire time and if that's true maybe I can save her.

To be Continued...
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