Chapter 11

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I was depressed that i lied to the boys im roaming the streets of phoenix and deside to go stay at a hotel its morning and im tired i have some cash on me thank god i walk to the front desk of cristal empires grand hotel
"Um ma'am are there any rooms avalible for me"? I ask kindly "yes there is one on the 4th floor room number 403 its a single room suite" "ill take it" "sure that will be 500 dollars please" "please sign this check in book"
Thank god i had 3000$ with me i paid signed and grabbed the keys to my room and took the lift i reached the 4th floor and heard laughing from the room beside me i just smiled and walked into my room

(A/N sorry to intrupt but if you guys have been reading 1D tweets lately you guys know that zayn has left 1D for good and is never comming back *cry forever* im crying and typing this chapter right now)

I plopped on the couch and turned on the tv i was surfing through channels and saw twilight playing and started thinking about when i first met the boys all those good memories *knock* *knock* i was intrupted by someone knocking the door i got up and opened it "yes" i said to the tall blond boy "oh so someone does live here" he said "yeah i just moved in a while back" "hi am blake" he said holding his hand out "im samantha" i said shaking his hand "oh um i actually got a dare from my friends to um come knock someone's door and see if they open it" "oh" i say "so um im sorry for disturbing you"he said "nah its fine you didn't really disturbe me" "hope to see you around" he said "like wise" "bye" "bye" i shut the door and plopped on the couch
Blake was cute but he would never like me im so weird and if i tell him that i lived with 'vampires'! No he'll freak out or think im gone crazy i guess ill have to forget the boys i sigh at what i say and walk to the kitchen there where a billion things to eat i grbbed an apple and went back to the hall i continued watching tv..

***1 hour later***

I was all swetty so i got up and took a shower i came out and looked at the time it was only 12pm i went to my suit case and put on my blue panty and bra and a blue t-shirt and some PJ shorts and grabbed my blue apple laptop from my bag and looked throught the videos on youtube and found after romeo i watched a couple of their videos and fell in love with them and drew i know i said blake was cute but so was drew i looked at their web page and their names where
Blake english
Jayk purdy
TC carter
Drew ryan scott
Devin fox
They where not that famouse but they where in LA and phoenix and all over the states hmm.


sorry short chapter ill make a longer one next time but!! I added after roemo to the story i know it was supposed to be sam and the boys but a little twist in the story wouldn't hurt right!

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