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Natalie was stuck in traffic, with Amber and Liam in the car. The rain was falling heavily on the car and the sound of the song 'With or Without You' by U2 could be heard. Natalie was holding the steering wheel tightly as she was waiting for the cars to move so she could drop Amber to school and go to work along with Liam. 

No one was speaking, which was surprising for them. Liam wasn't the one to not start a conversation. Maybe it was the fact that Natalie kept pressing restart on the song and it was bringing everyone down along with her. So when she put the song from the beginning for the fourth time, Liam and Amber exchanged a worried look. A small fight took place, with them eyeing each other about who is going to ask Natalie what was wrong. 

Amber gave in, knowing that it had to do with Mark, because she hadn't seen him around in five days and Mark was always around. "Mom, are you okay?"

"Yeah, why?" Natalie answered and let out a breath as she could finally move. All of them were late. So late.

"Because we've been listening to the same song since we left the house." Liam butted in and Amber nodded in agreement. 

"Did you and Mark break up?" Amber asked. "Because that would be a disaster because I've finally found someone who is actually good at video games."

"A disaster is that you've missed first period. And we're late for work." Natalie corrected her. "And I did not break up with Mark." I hope, she mentally added. He hadn't been speaking to her since the fight they had. And it was a complete disaster. "And I really love this song, okay? So I'll probably listen to it four more times until we arrive."

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"Have a nice day honey." Natalie called out as Amber got out of the car and started running inside. She hoped she wouldn't get in trouble for being late.

"Bye Amber." Liam called out. "Now you'd like to tell me what's wrong?" Liam turned to look at his friend. He had been so caught up in this new relationship of him that he hadn't really caught up with her about how she was doing. Because for the first time he was having something real and he was giving all his time on that. 

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