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Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Watson joined the chatroom 

Sherlock- Hello John.

Watson- I can't believe that this guy is killing people! Seriously, that pink phone is a life saver!

Sherlock- Yes. I believe it is. 

Watson- You going to keep that phone?

Sherlock- No. It is too absurdly pink and I won't be keeping it. This man only sent this to us, to discover them. It's playing a game. 

Watson- Well.. we need to save people. 

Unknown joined the chatroom 

Unknown- You will never find me. Don't even try to trace this back. You won't find me 

Unknown left the chatroom

Watson- What the-?

Sherlock- Must be a glitch....

Watson- Hmm.. see you later....

Watson left the chatroom 

Sherlock left the chatroom


Who do you think that 'glitch' was? #OMG ;) 

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