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Ice Bucket Challenge

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I sit down on the sofa next to Gabriel with the bowel of popcorn I just made up. Tonight is movie night and sleepover night and to say I'm excited is an understatement. I have looked forward to this all week as I haven't seen them much with Academy stuff going on.

I look over at Gabriel's phone and watch as someone tips a bucket of water over some guy’s head. He's vaguely familiar but I can't place him right now.

"I now nominate Alex Matthews, Frankie James and Gabriel Coleman. You have twenty four hours." With that, the video ends.

"Shit, fucking stupid idiot." Gabriel mutters.

I frown. "What was that?"

He chuckles. "That my beautiful Trouble, was Greg Parker nominating me to do the ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS."

My other guys, who I had not even realized had been listening start laughing. My frown deepens. "Ice bucket?" I ask.

"Basically sweetie, you have to fill up a bucket of cold water, add ice and then tip it over your head. You then nominate who you want to go next." Luke explains.

"Have any of you done it yet?" I ask, looking at each of my guys.

Heads shake. "No. Gabe is the first one in our team to be nominated." Nathan says with a grin.

I purse my lips and watch as Gabriel scans through his Facebook page. "Can I do it?" I ask.

Eyebrows go up. "You want a bucket of cold water tipped over you, Aggele?" Silas grins.

I shrug. "Sure, why not. It's only a little water, right?"

"With a bunch of ice in it." North grumbles. "Baby, that water will be shit fucking cold."

Surprisingly, I don't actually care. I just want to help raise some money. "I'm doing it, end of discussion." I look at the time on my phone after removing it from my bra. "It's only 6 pm. The store should still be open for some ice."

"You want to do it now?" Gabriel asks.

"Yeah." I grin, feeling the excitement bubble up inside me.

"What does everybody else think of this?" Owen asks, getting everyone's attention.

"We haven't been nominated." Kota says.

Suddenly, a grin comes across Luke's face and I immediately know he's been day dreaming, a day dream that most likely put an idea in his head. He looks around the room at all of us. "I think I have an idea."

Two hours later;

I'm pressing my lips so tight together to stop my laughter from freeing it's self from deep inside me at the sight of my nine guys, but soon and very soon, it's going to be released and I have a feeling I won't stop. When Luke started giving orders to everyone, but wouldn't tell us his idea, the others were very wary on what he was up to. When he told me though, I thought it couldn't have been any more perfect.

Apparently he let Gabriel into the plan because Gabriel and Victor had to go to mall. Being a Saturday night, the mall stays open late. Gabriel was able to get everything he needed and now, now I can't control my laughter as it suddenly breaks free.

I bend over, laughing hysterically and clutching my belly as the sight of my boys wearing animal print mankinis and nothing else. Everything is on display but their goods which are supported tightly. Some refused to put them on when Gabriel handed them out, but all I had to do was bat my eyelashes. They quickly went to the bathroom or Nathan's bedroom to change.

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