XXVI. Welcome to Horrorland

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TW// violence, mentions of blood


Levi hissed at the pain. 3 on 1 clearly isn't a fair fight. He's been punched back and forth - pushed around like a ball. But of course, he tried his best to not go down without a fight.

As Levi tried his best to stand up, he was once met again by Niki's punch. He got knocked down to the floor again, only this time - his nose started bleeding.

Levi wiped his injured nose, the blood staining his tattooed hands. He was also covered in bruises, scars, and dirt. He coughed, and even more blood came out. Levi is badly injured - he might not be able to keep this up any longer.

Katsumi just stood as she watched the poor boy get beat up. This is taking longer than she had thought.

"Are you done?" Katsumi asked, yawning from boredom.

Levi looked at her as he catches his breath.

"As long as I breathe...I will-"

"Oh shut up! That is so annoying." Katsumi rolled her eyes. She was done with this trivial act and his even more trivial life. She motioned the three boys to make quick work of Levi - instructing them to make sure the "hero" doesn't live to tell the tale.

Jay pulled Levi up, punching him before tossing him to Niki - Niki doing the same before tossing the boy to Sunoo. They were playing a brutal version of catch.

Eventually, Levi was knocked back to the floor once again. The three boys approached him slowly, getting ready to eliminate him - all was set until Katsumi spoke once again.

"She's missing!" Katsumi shout.

The three boys looked at their boss and then looked to where they had left Minji - only to see that Minji was no longer where they left her.

Katsumi got angry. The one thing they needed suddenly disappeared.

Katsumi transformed into her monster self - her true self. Her what used to be fair skin became even lighter - turning into the palest skin tone. Her nails and teeth turned into razor-sharp claws and fangs - and her horns emerged to give her her crowning glory.

"Find the girl! Now!!" she shouts in her demonic voice. The boys did as she told, leaving hastily to find the escapee.

With her full white eyes, she stared at Levi who struggled to stop hissing in pain. Levi looked at her in defeat. It certainly is the first time he's seen anything like this, and it is most likely his last time as well.

As Katsumi's hands reached for Levi's neck, the wind blew strongly once again. But to the demonic creature, the wind felt different.

She smiled eerily, shifting her attention to the sound of the footsteps right behind Levi.

"I've been expecting you." Katsumi giggled horrifically.

Levi felt himself slowly passing out. He tried to look behind him to see what or who Katsumi was talking to, but he was too tired to continue.

He slowly fainted - his eyes slowly closed as he saw a pair of legs walking towards him.

Katsumi lowered her hands. Suddenly, green smoke came out from her palms. The thick gas quickly wrapped around her and Jungwon.

"It's so nice to see you again, Yang Jungwon."

"Seems like you still have a thing for me."

"I'll break your heart. And then I'll break everything else."


author's note:

this is a rlly short chapter, idk i just felt that it needed one chapter to transition from last chapter to the one after this.

i also changed the book cover again :3

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