Chapter 12"Defense"

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The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker

Complied in the darkest years of the Second Dark Age, The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker, also known as The Visions of Tamara, are considered one of the definitive texts on the subject of prophesy and divination. The complete life story of Tamara Walker is cloaked in the mists of time and chaos of the Second Dark Age. Records in the Kingdom of Tolkeen, at the time known as the Twin Cities Safe Zone, confirm she was a real person and a resident of the Minneapolis St. Paul area before the Cataclysm. Next to nothing else about the woman can be confirmed, although there are thousands of stories about her life claiming to be legitimate.

Sometime in the decades after the Coming of the Rifts a bound text of prophecies attributed to her appeared. There prophets and prophetesses without number across the world and most of them are either charlatans or mediocre at best. The Visions of Tamara are apparently an extremely accurate and reliable collection of visions of future events and probable outcomes. Even people who put not o little stock in prophecy have been forced to admit to the disturbing accuracy of Tamara's visions. It's rumored Emperor Prosek keeps an illicit copy if the tome.

- University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)


Academy of Magic, City of Lazlo

"Those short-sighted idiots!" John Anders ragged.

The young man paced back and forth in Professor Grell's office ignoring the comfortable visitor's seat the Wolfen Master of Magic indicated for him to take. The meeting with the Council of Learning had not gone the way he'd hoped. Normally meek and placid, the fifteen year old was a bubbling cauldron of rage on the precipice of exploding.

"They did not dismiss your vision, John," Professor Grell said serenely. His voice, normally calming, would have gone a great way to settling John under any other circumstances. Now it bounced off him practically unheard. "They assure us they will consider your words."

"I am having the visions every time I go to sleep!" John thundered. "Every night I see more and every time I see more, the horror increases. I let them into my mind Professor. I let them into my mind so they could see it and I never let people into my mind."

"I know," the ancient sorcerer replied.

"Why won't they do anything about it?!" John demanded slamming a fist against one of the stone walls. Magic energy, catalyzed by rage and desperation, rippled and sparked in the air surrounding him.

"Why are they the only ones who can something?" the Professor mused.

John turned and stared at the old male understanding dawning on the young man. Without further words he left the Professors' office-there was a lot to do and little time to do it.


Village of Red Rock

"What's going on?" Meg asked over the shriek of the siren. It reminded her of the ones in old movies showing air raids during World War II. All around them people scrambled to get off the villages narrow streets.

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