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Dear diary
Finally summer break has started. I'm going to visit my aunt jenna in beacon hills. It's going to be a lot of fun. I remember the time when jenna used to give me chocolates and calls me her little angel.. I'm dying to see her. . I wish damon would be hear with me, but he can't. He's gone.. I miss you brother.. I'll be happy damon,. You told me to protect yourself from outside cruel world. I'll always follow your advice.. I miss you brother.

"Emily it's time for dinner" said mom..

"Give me a minute mom"

" Em have you packed your stuff, you have to leave tomorrow for beacon hills" said my dad henry.

"Yes dad. I can't wait to see aunt jenna".

" honey do you think em can manage to stay away from us for summer break " with concern in his voice

"Of course. She's our daughter. She's extraordinary. "

"She's changed since damon's death.. she still have nightmares. "

" Everything will be fine henry. Jenna will take care of her.. A lot of things have happened . We have lost our son and she has lost her elder brother. Our daughter is strong. "

"You're right linda. Em is strong. But she is a teenager. Do you think it's ok to send her to jenna?"

" yes.. you don't have to worry."


Damon I'm not sure if i can do this without you. You told me to be happy but I'm not happy without you. I need you brother. Mom and dad need you. You were suppose to protect me. I'm not strong enough to protect myself. .

This is my first trip without you.. I still have nightmares thay makes me feel like a crazy person. . I miss you so much. . But I'll keep my promise that i made to you.. I'll protect myself. . I hope you're happy damon wherever you are. You my shining star watching me, mom and dad..
Good night brother..

" wake up emily" said mom while opening the curtain of my window.

"Mom just let me sleep for 5 minutes. "

" No em. You don't wanna be late.. don't you wanna vist jenna" said mom with smiling.

" yes mom. I'll be ready in 15 minutes.

"That's like my good girl " mom said while kissing me on forehead.

After half an hour i was finally ready for my journey to beacon hills..
My parents dropped me to station . It'll take me about 12 hours to reach beacon hills. . On my way i was remembering the things that my brother told me.. I have to be strong and brave.

Finally i have arrived at beacon hills. Jenna came to receive me.

'There's my little angel" said Jenna while hugging me tight in her arms.

" hi aunt jenna. I missed you a lot". I said while hugging her back..

"Let's get you home.. you must be tired by the journey" Said jenna while picking up my luggage.

I said to jenna that i want to drive her car. And she agreed. . While driving the car we were talking with each other and suddenly something appeared in middle of the road..

" what the hell was that? Was it a wolf, a bear? What the hell? I said while freaking out.

"I have no idea. Are you all right sweetie" said jenna while hugging me..

She told me that now she should drive the car, and i should rest.. And the only thing on my mind was about that thing that ran in middle of the road.. I was still freaking out. .

Finally we have arrived at jenna's house.. i was tired.. so i told jenna that i want to sleep and get some rest..
She showed me my room and told me if i need anything else then she will be downstairs. .

I unpacked my bag and went to the bathroom for a bath... It was 11:30 pm and i was about to sleep but before that I have to close my window... It was beautiful outside. The full moon was beautiful. . I was looking at the moon. And suddenly i had a feeling that someone was watching me from the forest. . I tried to look but I couldn't see a thing. So i just closed my window and went to sleep..

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