Chapter 1: Cristal's POV

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A/N: This fanfic is usually going to be in two POVs. One is Cristal's and the other is Andy's. This is my first fanfic so I hope you like it.


•Cristal's POV•

     I'm can't believe I'm doing this. I just moved to Los Angeles from Orange County (which is about an hour south).

     The first Friday I was going on a walk when I noticed a flyer. The flyer said, "WANTED: Lead singer for a hard rock band. Must be at least 18 and be able to write songs. Auditions at (insert random house address) on Saturday, July 14, at 3:00 pm."

     I'm not the most outgoing person. In fact, I'm extremely shy but I also have a dream of becoming the lead singer of a rock band. I don't care about being famous. I just want to make enough money to live off of.

     I showed up at the house at around 2:55 and I was ready to bolt, but instead I rang the doorbell. A guy with long black scruffy-looking hair answered the door.

     "Hi. I'm Jeremy Ferguson but everyone calls me Jinxx. Are you here to audition?" The guy said sweetly.

     "Yeah. I'm Cristal Gates and I saw a flyer yesterday," I replied.

     "Cool. I play guitar, violin, and piano. Do you play any instruments or just sing?"

     "I play violin too!"

     "That's so awesome!" He replied excitedly. "Well I'm hoping a few more people will show up but would you like to come inside?"

     "Sure!" I said feeling a lot more confident.

     I walked in the house directly into the living room. There was a drum set set-up along with three guitars and two bases.

     Three other guys were in the room besides Jinxx. All the guys had very similar black hair. I felt a bit awkward because I have blonde hair but most people who like rock music have black or brown hair.

     One of the guys who had more of a female facial bone structure but still looked hot said, "I'm Ashley Purdy. I play bass."

     "I'm Christian Coma but I just go by CC. I play the drums," another guy said that had a bandana wrap around his forehead.

     Finally the last guy just said, "Jake Pitts. I play lead guitar."

     "Hey. I'm Cristal Gates. I sing and play the violin." I said kind of shy-ish.

     "You play violin?!" Ashley said, "You and Jinxx should do a duet sometime!"

     "Yeah that sound really fun," Jinxx nodded and smiled at me.

     CC piped in, "Do you think anyone else is going to come or should we start now?"

     As soon as he said that the doorbell rang.

     "I'll go get it," Jake said.


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