Part 14 - Another Baby

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"WHAT IS THE matter, Mat? You keep looking at your watch, what are you waiting for?"

"You will need to return to Bangkok. I am expecting a delivery."

"Do you want me to feed this baby?"

"If I did, I would have told you."

"But you can't just leave her," Debbie was concerned maybe it was her imagination, but it appeared the baby was losing weight.

"What I can and cannot do is not your concern."

There was a rustle outside.

"Hello, anyone about?" a head appeared at the opening.

"Show him in," ordered Mat.

Debbie led the latest visitor through.

"Great to see you again, where shall I put the baby?" he asked.

"Over there, you can see the other one, put her with that one." Mat pointed to the corner.

The blue-eyed girl was laid carefully next to Nong Chikaboo. Both babies were silent. They merely looked at each other, no sound and not a hint of a smile.

"Is it normal for babies to be so quiet?" Debbie asked.

"Is it normal for you to ask so many questions? Take our friend to Bangkok. And don't take too long, you have more work to do when you return."

Sila climbed into the car without saying a word. He remained silent for the trip. Even if Debbie attempted conversation, she knew she would get no response.

With Don Mueang Airport on the right, Debbie turned back on herself. She took the downward slope, taking her away from the highway. She then veered right towards Harrow International School. There was less traffic on this side-road, especially out-of-school time. Before she reached the security booth, she pulled up, rolling the man to the pavement. This time, as it was dark and no one was about, she walked around to the passenger door, pulled him up then sat Sila upright. She thought it would be fun to imagine the school kids thinking it was a fun prank. She allowed herself a girlish giggle. It eased her growing doubts.

She was not far wrong with her idea about the prank, but it was one teacher, walking her dog who came upon the wide-eyed and smiling Sila, not one of the students.

"What are you doing sitting there?" the teacher asked.

The head of the girls' section approached. Her dog was barking a warning, straining on his lead. Sila's head turned to follow her movement. The dog was almost choking at his leash pulling his mistress with all his power in the opposite direction. Clutching her mobile phone, she dialled 911. Rushing back to the school's security man. Sila's head turned, stretching his neck. The rest of his body was motionless.

Debbie returned to the cave. Finding Mat seated with his back to the entrance grafting feverishly. Debbie expected to see the babies. They were not on the floor.

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