WEBYS - Chapter Three

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Why is it every time I sit down to read I find myself typing instead? GAHHH! But in brighter news a new chapter is now ready xD What I'm now going to try doing with this story is upload after every couple of chapters of Let the Games Begin that way hopefully neither will be neglected!

Thanks everyone for being so patient waiting for this chapter, I'm honestly loving writing this book and Let the Games Begin xD so much so that I accidently made this chapter slightly longer than I wanted to :/

Anywho for now PLEASE ENJOY::

::With Every Breath You Stole::

Chapter Three:

"This is a bad idea." Lucy said to Autumn, shouting to be heard above the loud pop music at the club, as they both pushed their way through the crowds of people around them.

Autumn gave her friend a frown. "Well if you didn't want to be here you didn't have to come along." She lied. Honestly if Lucy hadn't come with her she probably would have chickened out - going out and drinking alone wasn't something she wanted to do.

It wasn't usually her idea of 'fun' but tonight she wanted to... actually she had no idea what she wanted other than to forget. And drinking seemed to be a god way to go about it.


Lucy's lips quirked into a smile. "I didn't say I didn't want to be here." She said with a grin. "You almost never let loose to party. This is going to be fun, I just want 'I told you so' rights when you wake up tomorrow with a wicked hangover."

Autumn rolled her eyes, but a grin slowly took over her face.

Lucy was Autumn's rock.

She was sturdy and always there.

"Holy crap." Lucy said with wide eyes. "There is a totally cute guy looking in our direction." Her attention completely diverted from Autumn as she ogled the eye candy from across the bar.

Well almost always there.

"Dean." Autumn felt it her job to remind Lucy of her boyfriend.

Lucy snapped out of whatever daydream she was in to look around. "Where?" She asked excitedly.

A laugh fell from Autumn's lips at her friend's reaction.

"I didn't mean I saw him." She said shaking her head.

Lucy's excited expression fell slightly as she pouted. "Oh."

Autumn rolled her eyes. "If you want to see him so bad, you can call him to see if he wants to join us for drinks." She said, seeing the hope flash through Lucy's eyes before she forcefully squashed it down, shaking her head.

"What? No. This is a girls night." Lucy argued, with absolutely no conviction, making Autumn arch one eyebrow delicately.

"Dean's practically a girl." She said with amusement. "So that's not really a problem."

Lucy hit her friend lightly on the arm, but the way she bit her lip was her tell that she was holding in a laugh. "Dean is not a girl." She said with amusement.

"Last week he spent half an hour complaining about how he didn't have a tie to match his new work shirt." Autumn pointed out, and Lucy clamped her lips together.

"I must be insane - but thinking about that actually makes me miss him." Lucy admitted with a small blush.

Not insane. Just in love. But maybe that was pretty much the same thing. Autumn didn't say that though instead she just smiled softly at Lucy, ignoring the way her heart panged with slight jealousy.

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