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꒻꒤ꇙ꓄ ꋬ ꍌꋬꂵꏂ
// Sae-byeok POV \\

Everyone, including me and Y/n. We're all still a bit shocked on what happened earlier.

Y/n was sitting on my bed and so was I. When player 456 came over to my bed.

"Hey pickpocket" He looked at me and Y/N. "If anything happens tonight, we will all be meeting at my bed. You in?"

Me and Y/n exchanged glances. "I don't trust people" I finally said. He gave me a confused look. "Then how do you trust her" He said pointing to Y/n.

"Just because" I said putting my head on my knees. "Okay but remember if anything happens, we will be meeting at our bed"

I just nodded my head before looking at Y/n, "5 more minutes until lights out" She said looking up at the timer until lights out. I looked up there too and said, "If that's so let's get into bed"

She nodded and stood up while I did the same, our beds were across from each other.


The room was quiet now, and I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't see. And that's when it began.

The room filled with a blood cuddling scream as Deok-su murdered someone with a broken glass.

I shot up from my bed and ran over to Y/n who seemed to look not that worried but also not calm.

"Y/n are you okay" I asked her, she nodded her head in agreement. I then remembered what Player 456 said.

"Come on" I said grabbing her hand a making a run to his bed.

I few seconds later I heard a scream and realized Y/n wasent holding my hand anymore.

'Shit, shit, shit' I was panicking. She dosent know this yet but I do have a thing for her, but that wasent the case right now.

I was so worried I didnt realize that Deok-Su grabbed my hair and pulled me backwards.

"Ah!" I screamed he had a really good grip on my hair.

He tried to stab me with his knife but instead I took mine out and cut his leg, letting me get a chance to run away and find Y/n.

I knocked into somebody and I saw it was Y/n.

"Y/n!" I said hugging her, "Hi Sae-byeok" She replied back breaking the hug.

Deok-Eu's group was about to attack us when Player 456 and his group came over, and there was this one dude who is Player 199 and was carrying an entire medal bar.

"They're with us now" Player 456 said.

(Time skip tp whne the chaos ends cause me lazy)

The guards came in and started shooting everywhere stopping the chaos.

They patted everyone down for anything and that's when I slid my knife into the guards pocket and grabbed it out when they were going to another person.

When Y/n was getting her pat down, her sleeve lifted up a big and I saw a huge slice mark across her arm..


also I might be starting a new story not squid game but a demon slayer muichiro x reader bc I like muichiro and fanfics but ty all sm for all the views and likes!!!

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