Chapter 16

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>> Chapter 16
>> Banter banter

The stunning bright light made contact with Vikk's closed eyes.

Opening the lids of his eyes made it worse. The bright rays of the sun blinded him. As Vikk pulled the covers over his eyes to protect him from the cruel sun, he then checked on Lachlan; whom wasn't there.

Vikk suddenly felt something in his chest. Vikk frowned at that.

Sitting on the bed with his pillow resting on his lap, Vikk pouted with a frown, but his attention was caught by a sound coming up from the ladder.

"Lachlan?" Vikk asked, his eyes beaming with joy.

"You're awake, Vikk!" Lachlan smiled as he hopped to the platform of the floor where Vikk and him are on. "Gosh, Lachlan. I thought you left me." Vikk said, a hint of hurtness was noticed but Lachlan didn't noticed that. "Why would I?" Lachlan asked, which made Vikk rethink everything.

"...Nothing..." Vikk blushed, awkwardly moving on one place.

"You're blushing." Lachlan pointed.

Slapping himself, he bit his lips from stopping himself from blushing. "Damn it, Vikk. Don't do that." Lachlan scolded, grabbing Vikk's wrist as he tries and slap himself again. "Never do that again." Lachlan said straight-up. Vikk shook his head, not looking at Lachlan.

"Fine." Vikk pouted. Now Lachlan stopped Vikk from doing hat he does when he gives out clues of him liking Lachlan. Well, isn't that what he wanted? Lachlan knowing? But everything will change if Lachlan knows. Might as well not tell now.

Lachlan sat in the bed next to Vikk, his hoodie was tied around his waist- black shirt was replaced as his top attire. "I just went back to my house for a while to organize some stuff... I was about to wake you up but I know how tired you are so I didn't bother." the Aussie said, now laying on the bed. "You were sleeping so soundly earlier to the fact that you are surely tired and your sleep schedule is fucked."

Vikk scratched the back of his neck because of what Lachlan was rambling about. "True... Haven't gotten a very decent sleep in quite sometime..."

"And by quite sometime- I mean by the other day." Vikk corrected himself. But even though his most recent sleep that is decent was just the other day, it couldn't make up for the days that he didn't sleep on. "But you need to sleep more so you can grow taller!" Lachlan teased, encouraging Vikk.

Vikk made an offended look on his face as he groans. "Lachlan, please. I'm 19, I'm not gonna grow any taller."

"Speaking of sleep- How did you sleep last night?" Vikk asked.

Lachlan thought of it, "Well, I slept fine last night, but..." he chuckled, making Vikk think and confused. "You were clinging onto me like a koala."

Vikk placed his hand on his mouth. He doesn't know if he should be embarrassed or if he should be laughing. "It's okay though." Lachlan continued. "I kinda liked it."

At first Vikk doesn't know what to say, nor what to do. "So, um..."

"You do?"

Lachlan nodded, hugging Vikk. "C'mon 'ere," Lachlan smiled, ruffling Vikk's hair.
"Aye, aye! Do not mess the hair!!" Vikk said, trying to grab Lachlan's wrist as Lachlan raised his hands up for Vikk to not reach. (wow darude)

"That is so unfair for my end." Vikk mumbled, crossing his arms as he tried pushing Lachlan off the bed as well. "Ha!" Lachlan grinned, still staying input on where he is sitting. "No pleb can push me off! You should know that by now, Vikk." The Aussie ruffled the shorter boy's hair again.

Lachlan stood up, went over to Vikk's side and pulled him up as well. "That's enough banter for one morning...."

* * *

Vikk couldn't help but feel all faint inside. Due to the fact that he just spent his morning with Lachlan. Like, who doesn't feel the same? Anyone could have fainted at that at least at one point of life. (I'll faint in front of the pack if I ever see them irl)

As Lachlan and Vikk stepped outside, to their surprise- the world feels so quiet. Like something is missing.

Vikk looked from left, then to his right- the breeze of the morning of HTM winds greeted him. "It... It seems so..." Vikk's voice trailed, looking nowhere but in front of him.

"...Empty..." Lachlan continued as he frowned.

Vikk faced down, "Oh..."

"Rob told me that the world will be shutting down in a few days..." Lachlan sighed deeply, glancing to his house and remembering all the memories that happened there. From the start to the current occasion. All the Creeper explosions, the deaths, the pranks, the banters, that one war which Preston started, the amount of assassination, the cheesy romance (the vikklan sign c;), and of course- the amount of Zubats Lachlan tried catching.

Vikk suddenly remembered that he got a message a while back that all of them voted on restarting from the very beginning to start fresh again- meaning they'll leave the world and all their stuff that is in HTM. Maybe that's the reason why everyone isn't visiting their homes here anymore. Bummer.

"I kind of don't want that... but starting from a new world sounds very nice indeed..." Vikk muttered mindlessly, making Lachlan agree without hesitation.

They also noticed that they have done so much but there are more stuff to do and to make. "Speaking of which, are you gonna do something for the big finale before this world... you know..."

Vikk looked at Lachlan- to be honest, Vikk doesn't really know, but he already heard others' ending finale like:

Pete would be blowing up the whole spawn, Choco helping Pete

Preston? No one knows what happened to him. Even though they still see him outside HTM.

Rob isn't finished yet, but he said that he'll be doing something. (even tho majority of you already knows what he did :/)

Jerome still continues on grinding for new things on the HTM world. He kinda wants to make some progress since he joined super late. And he's nearly finished on his Bacca village that he was meaning to finish. (he's already done, I know)

The Little Lizards never really went on that much to be exact. But whenever they go visit the HTM world, they go ham on productivity.

Mat was roaming around the place as he enjoys the last bit of his redstone contraptions on his local base.

Tyler... already can do anything he wants due to the fact he said he's finished with everything and that satisfied him already. Making him have creative mode.

Lachlan and Vikk? Not even them knows what they'll do....

* * *


Some minecrafters went on and then left. Like Ali-A, maybe he was just paying a visit and looking through his house and resources.

Pete stayed the longest since he said he is not leaving until the world shuts down. Same goes to Choco.

"What will you do for your finale?" Lachlan asked, looking at the world chat of friends visiting the HTM world as they still go back and forth on the world. Vikk didn't respond, still thinking about it. "I still don't know actually," he replied, sighing.

Looking down on the ground, Vikk smiled. "How about we have a little show-down before leaving eh?"

Lachlan suddenly grinned at the Vikk's sudden enthusiastic mood. "Sure, but where?" Lachlan wondered, thinking to where it could possibly be. "At the arena near spawn?" he guessed, but he's wrong.

"It'll be a surprise." Vikk grinned.

"I'll see ya' later Lachlan. I'm just gonna do something reeeal quick!" Vikk smirked as he left Lachlan hanging there. Lachlan smiled, he already know Vikk too well, and surely enough Vikk is planning something for the finale.

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