Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 

I jerked straight up in bed, confused and disoriented, my hair curtaining my face. It had been near 3:00 a.m. when I’d finally been able to fall asleep, and I had no idea what woke me. Flopping onto my back, I glared at the ceiling tiles, knowing that once I was awake, there was no hope of ever falling back to sleep. 

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. 

I frowned. What the hell was that annoying sound? Was the freaking house on fire? Should I look for an emergency exit? Throwing off the covers in a mad panic, I swung my feet to the floor. My damn toe got caught up in the sheets, and I nearly cracked my two front teeth on the wood floor. 

“Holy shit,” I cursed. “That was close.” 

“Piper.” My name echoed through a small speaker by the door. 

I lifted my head, staring in the direction of the voice. 

It was Rose. 

“I require your presence in the blue room,” she informed. 

I groaned and thumped my forehead on the floor. 

Good grief. I hadn’t had my first cup of coffee or the chance to wipe the sleepy gunk from the inner corners of my eyes, and she wanted to talk to me. I wasn’t fit to talk to humans until after a least one dose of caffeine. Everyone in my family knew that if you woke me up before noon, I turned me into a bitch-a-saurus—except Rose. There was more excitement and fun at night. The whole city came alive and I with it. I miss my late nights with Parker sneaking into clubs. I missed our midnight lattes at the café across from my apartment, gossiping about his newest manga. 

Did I mention that Parker was a geek? A sort of cute geek. His shaggy brown hair always hung in his eyes, and he always had his nose in a comic book. 

Crawling back into bed, I snuggled deeper into the covers, making an inaudible response. Day two and already Rose was making demands. I lay there another few minutes debating whether to get up or stay in bed all day. Finally, my curiosity about this house and the town itself got the best of me, remembering that Rose had mentioned something yesterday about a tour. 

Twisting over, I glanced at the blue neon lights on the alarm clock situated on the nightstand. Was she kidding me? Nine o’clock? It was indecent. I’d had a long night. Being in a new place with a bad case of homesickness, sleep did not come easy, and now my body was paying the price. 

Dragging a hand through my tangled hair, I pushed myself up, dangling my feet over the side. I blinked. Still groggy, it took a few flutters of my lashes before it sunk in. I wasn’t in my own room. The walls weren’t the color of red wine, I wasn’t sleeping in my snuggly daybed with a view of the skyline, and the crystal chakra wasn’t dangling above my head. This wasn’t a dream. 

Hells bells. 

A gentle breeze from the ocean blew through the balcony doors, flapping the lace curtains. Strolling across the room, I quickly rummaged through the closet, almost afraid I would fall in and never return, or end up in Narnia. Fortunately, I didn’t have much stuff, so it just looked pitiful. I had never been on time to anything in my life. Why start today? 

Still in a zombie-state, I tugged a shirt from the hanger, whipped it over my head, and wiggled into my favorite pair of jean shorts. Combing my fingers through my hair to loosen a few of the snarls, I tied my hair up into a ponytail on top of my head. Considering that it was before noon, this was the best it was going to get. 

My bare feet padded over the wood floors as I opened the door to the hall, looking left then right. Downstairs where? 

I was going to need more specific instructions, like latitudes and longitudes, if I was going to get around in this place. It took me twenty minutes to locate the blue room. I didn’t know why they just didn’t call it a sitting room, because that was basically what it was. If it hadn’t been for the voices, I might have still been aimlessly wandering about. 

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