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I had been having the sweetest dream where my former crush, Jason, had finally asked me out. They say that if you have the same dream three times, it comes true. What a bunch of bull! I have had the same dream over ten times and it has yet to happen. It will definitely never happen now that I am no longer in my wonderful New York. But yeah, it's always nice to dream. 

"Get up, sleepy-head! We're going out shopping for things to fix up the place!" my dad's voice bellowed throughout the halls. 

I threw my pillow over my head and tried to go back to sleep. Not successful. 

I slowly got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth and hair, applied little make-up and slipped out the door. 

"......Puppy, mommy." Christopher was in tears and pulling on mom's pants leg. His eyes were red and puffy and wet. His nose was runny and his hair was a mess. It's been a long time since I've seen him like this. The last time he acted out like this was when he saw a toy he just had to have and was denied. 

"What's going on?" I whispered to dad. 

Dad chuckled low in his throat as if the situation was not only amusing, but also serious. "He wants us to buy a puppy while we're out shopping." He paused. "Which is never going to happen - we're not dog people." He let out a short laugh at the end, as if there was a joke to it. 

Mom got Chris to finally calm down, promising a new Spider-Man action figure and so we headed out to the hardware store. 

"Okay, Emily and Chris, you two take a cart and get the paint for all of the rooms and brushes and what not. Holly, you and I are going to get the rest," dad ordered. 

Mom and Chris headed in one direction while dad and I headed in another. We were picking things left to right. Some of the things I wasn't even sure we needed, but dad said we did, so we must of. It was as we were picking the right flooring for my room that they ran into us. 

"Matthew? Matthew Saunders! You're back in town. I don't believe it." A man who looked to be around my father's age, perhaps a little younger, came up to him and drew him into a big, manly kind of hug. 

The woman next to the strange man gave me some kind of knowing smile. 

"Where's Emily? Didn't she come with you?" he demanded. 

"Yeah, she's actually just getting paint. Our old house is in ruins and needs some fixing." 

"Yeah, I would guess so- it's been, what, eighteen years since you've been here?" The man laughed and drew the woman close to him. "You remember Glory, don't ya?" 

"Of course. It's nice to see you again, Glory," he said while shaking her hand. 

"Like wise, Matt. And who is this lovely thing?" Her voice was soft and sweet. 

Dad hugged me to his side. I hate it when he did that. "This is my daughter, Holly," he said proudly. "Holly, this is my old friend, Howard, and his wife, Glory." 

"Nice to meet you, Holly," Glory said. 

"Yeah, you, too." 

She still had that smile on and it was starting to freak me out. How could someone have such a knowing smile planted on their lips? 

"We're just here to pick up our son, Marcus, from work. His car is in the shop and he needed a ride. This is actually his last day here- he's doing construction instead," Howard informed. 

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