My vampire senses were alight!

My fangs were out! 

I was all of me and none of me all at the same time.

Gosh, it was addictive. 

Hmm, goodbye to being normal,eh?

Being creative, i stole a black bin on the side of the damp alley and through it across to the silver haired boy. Gosh, he was worse then a newborn, the only moment he had noticed me was when i threw across the rubbish bin. Even then, he was more concentrated on the blood that he was collecting from the helpless homeless man.

His green eyes were bloodshot and he looked up at the flying object like it was a bird in the sky.

Before he knew it or i did, he was on the ground next to the homeless man who was bleeding out. Bleeding out his life source.

I ran to the homeless man, who had an unfortunate odour, but i was taught to save the innocent, not watch them die because they smelled of old eggs. I quickly put my middle finger onto his neck. Hoping to find a sign of hope.

I felt his pulse rate descrease each second.

My heart sunk. He's dieing. My heart wanted to explode with sadness. I hated death. There's nothing  i can do now.

Or is there?

I thought of the infinite amount of love my parents shared with each other in my mind and placed my palms onto the straggly homeless man. I gave him thoughts and memories of happiness. Yes, i know this might not mean a thing to this stranger, but the love between my two parents was clear for any soul to see. Hmm, that kinda made me miss them.

I felt the memory rush through my body like an electric signal and flow into the man through my fingers.

As i moved my palms off his forehead, i saw his mouth curve slightly....into a short smile. It was short because right after, i saw his mouth open to let out his last ever breath.  But in that smile i saw a short moment of content that warmed me.

One slow tear fell from my eyes. 

How can people be so...selfish? 

The anger rushed through my head ,as i watched a few paces away from me and the now dead man, the silver haired vampire had begun to awake. I turned to him.

Gosh, i wanted to slap the life out of him!

Woah, Renee, may be a vampire but don't let this cold venom into you're heart. If i ever did, i'd probably be on the next plane to Italy, the Volturi love the vampires with black hearts. I wasn't gonna become one, thats for sure!

After the brief moment of pure hate, i walked up to him and observed him. He brushed off his hair like nothing had truly happened. He stopped in his lazy movements and stared at me.

He winked. 

Really, he was flirting? 

What a dick!

I pulled him up by his collar. He looked surprised by my undeniable super strength, but before he could question me, i asked him commandingly

"Who are you?!?"

After a few seconds of him continuing to stare at me creepily, he said to me...


I'm you're soul mate!" his silky voice resonated to me.

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