I'm Moving In with Ten Boys 21 [THE END]

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I kept taking deep breaths on the way to Darren's room. I had to convince myself it was going to be okay. He just needed to know the truth. The truth about how I felt, that it was no one else. He had to know I was not picking anyone over him. Everything but being with him was just me, lying to myself.

I took a deep breath when I knocked and he opened. His face was set into a frown only he could manage to make adorable. Music spilled though the open doorway. Darren's eyes bore into mine, a strange look passing through them. I couldn't register what it was. Hate, fear, longing. It made me that much scared to spill all my secrets to him.

"Darren," I greeted him. His mouth set into a grim line, and he gave a small nod, awknowledging me. "Sorry to just play with your feelings," I blurted, my cheeks blazing red.

"Are you here to tell me that you're just done with me forever, Noelle? Cause if it's that than believe me, I know." His eyes flashed hurt.

"Darren, look you should probably know I never even liked Chad. I mean small crush when we were kids but not so much now. And Justin and I are just really good friends now. And we were talking and I know you probably hate me but--"I was cut off.

"That's what you think? That I hate you?" He laughed without humor, taking a step toward ,e.

"Do not interrupt me, Longston," I said exasperated, slightly shoving him. Being the size he was, he didn't move an inch. "Like I attempted to say before, you have every right to hate me. In fact, I wouldn't even blame you if you did. Nut I just wanted to say that there's a pretty good chance I might be falling in love with you. And please say you love me back." My voice faded towards the end.

Time stopped when Darren froze. His eyes searched my face for any chance that I was lying, for any sign that I wasn't being sincere with all my words. But I wasn't. Never before have I felt so scared, vulnerable, exposed, but amazing. And only Darren gave me this feeling. In one quick movement, Darren crossed the space between us.

His eyes locked on mine, asking for permission ad his hands cupped my face. His lips crashed on mine. I could puff out a breath of relief once time stared again. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me close. I felt like I'd never left them. Like I was meant to be in them.

For once in my life, it seemed real.

And real is trouble.

Trouble with the Longston Boys.