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𝗪𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚 up to water dripping from your ceiling was never a good thing.
But it was a regular thing, for a pogue.

JohnBs hand pats his face gaining the wetness to soak up in his fingertips, as he pulls himself up while the seabirds and rooster awaken him further out of his sleeping state.

Pulling out his phone to read no service at the top of his screen, with a sigh he clicks his phone off.

Standing up, he tries the light switches seeing no power flicker through any switch before muttering words under his breath.

He walks into the livingroom seeing the blonde girl curled up in the blonde boys arms, again nothing out of the ordinary.

"Yo, JJ" JohnB calls while smacking his back as the light smack sends the boys blue eyes open, "You been outside?" he asks.

"I have polio, bro" JJ groans, his voice rumbling sending vibrations into his chest making the girls eyes opening gently,
"I can't walk" he complains ignoring JohnBs presence and letting his body be compelled into a light slumber.

Looking down at the girl in his arms, her eyes twinkled in the sunlight as a warm smile highlights her features.

She picks up her phone which was shoved under a pillow to look at the recent message from Jackson mentioning him cancelling plans again.
Letting out a sigh before feeling her bestfriend rub her arms gently sending her a sympathetic look.

He may of disliked the boy she loved but it never stopped him from being there.

She pulls herself out of the boys arms that made her feel safe, using her hands to rub her face and eyes.
Feeling the light sweat that smothered her features.

"No" JJ groans, using his arm to pull her back down onto the bed, "I don't want to get up yet" he sighs wrapping his arm around her making her lightly chuckle.

"Neither do I, but i need to go home and change, ive got a lunch date with my uncle" she explains, trying to not let the fear of him cloud her voice as she puts on her sarcastic overlay.

JJ pushes himself up to lean over her, her head pressed into the sofa more as she looks into his blue eyes that made her heart melt just from the look he sent her.

"He can wait" he whispers before leaning down and tickling the blonde girl unexpectedly causing laughter to be thrown around the atmosphere of the room making the smiles appear on the twos faces.

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