Part 10 - Blood in Car

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"COME ON KEV, we had better report to Gatts, and see if he has got any further."

Gatts needed a coffee. They agreed to meet in the Coffee Investigation's office in fifteen minutes.

"Not much this end, we found the missing car. They left it in a petrol station. The staff didn't see what happened to its owner. But any car that remains unattended for more than a short while gets noticed. Their CCTV cameras had a fault we couldn't make out what vehicle he left in," said Gatts.

"We didn't get much either. The men seemed as their normal selves, but what happened in each case, was totally out of character, a puzzle to all that knew them," reported Skylab.

Gatts continued, "There was some blood in the car, we presume it was the baby's, we'll know for sure soon."

Inside an entrance to a hidden cave near the famous Khwae Yai River, a visitor had arrived.

"Khun Mat, a great pleasure to see you again."

A soon to be ex-bank manager smiled.

"Ah, Khun Cee, I thought you would come today. What have you got for me?"

The small blood-drenched package was placed on a rock. If the occupant of the package could see, she would have spotted the Khwae Yai River through the foliage around the cave entrance. They also know the waterway as the Si Sawat; it has its source in the Tenasserim Hills and flows for about 380 kilometres through Sangkhla Buri, Si Sawat, and Mueang Districts of Kanchanaburi Province, where it merges with the Khwae Noi to form the Mae Klong River at Pak Phraek. Tourists know the name as the River Kwai. The constant drip at the entrance didn't disturb Mat, he merely pointed to a hidden opening at the back of the small cave. Cee walked towards it.

The meeting place was no bigger than an igloo. A gap at the back leads to what appears to be solid rock. There is another narrow gap sliding through it. Visitors are led to a much larger cavern, well lit and furnished with foldable tables and chairs. Cee plonked himself down and waited. At the very back, there is a fibreglass rock which is used as a door, this 'rock' gets moved occasionally and Mat slips through. Debbie has seen him go in but never dared to ask where he is going.

Mat busied himself with his new package, as Debbie stood to see if he needed her help.

"Debbie, Cee needs a lift to central Bangkok, drive him please."


No answer, his look confirmed the affirmative.

She led the way to the car, knowing it would be pointless to attempt conversation. Her passenger was already in a daze.

Mat moved the fake rock and went into his secret coven. He went to see his own child, a son.

Debbie drove on Route 323, the trip took a little over three hours and it was dark as she fought her way through the traffic to Sukhumvit Road. When she reached Soi 23, she pulled over, leaned across her passenger and opened the door. The bank manager looked glassy-eyed as he joined the mass of office workers mingling with tourists. A few people noticed what had happened, none did anything, they carried on with their city lives. Slowly Cee tumbled over, his rear end was sticking up as his knees buckled, his cheek had scraped the pavement, his arms were limp either side of his head.

Debbie made her way back to Route 323 without looking back. She didn't give the bank manager another thought.

"Christ almighty, 'av a look at him. Flash git in a suit. I thought it was only us piss 'ed tourists got drunk?" the Londoner with a sweaty Singha Beer t-shirt bent over for a closer look.

The tourist was showing off to his mate as he rolled the well-dressed man towards the footpath, Cee was now in the foetal position. Finding it was not so easy to move him, the thirsty tourist left him where he had fallen. Laughed at his mate.

"Come on, forget 'im, let's go to Soi Cowboy. I need an ale and a feel of that chick from last night."

The chuckling revellers strode off in search of a cold beer.

Khun Cee was in no shape to search for anything. He lay curled across the pavement. People dodged around him until a bag-lady tried to slide him further to the side. A street beggar who deftly removed his wallet, watch and wedding ring, assisted her. At least Cee was in no danger of being trampled on.

Even the bag-lady voted!

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