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Sang's POV

The sound of Christmas music coming from downstairs wakes me along with the sound of Luke and Gabriel singing. I can also smell turkey. I roll over in bed and pick up from phone to check the time. Eight am. I sigh and climb out of bed and leave my room and enter the bathroom.
I'm not surprised when I see clothes sitting on the counter next to the sink. Gabriel obviously knew that I would go and take a bath first

I run my bath, strip down and climb on in, pulling my legs up close to my chest. I smile when I hear North bellowing at Luke and Gabriel, telling them to keep it down so they don't wake me. He's obviously not aware yet that I am indeed awake.

I wash myself and my hair and then climb out the bath, wrapping a towel around my body and my hair. I brush my teeth, dry and dress in the pale blue jeans and red Wooly Christmas sweater that has Santa on it and says 'Merry Christmas'.

I open the bathroom door and nearly jump out of my own skin when I see Gabriel leaning against the wall. He's wearing jeans and his own Christmas sweater with a snow man on it. "Merry Christmas Trouble."

I smile at him. "Merry Christmas Meanie."

He holds his hand out to me. I place mine in his. He closes his finger around my hand and takes me into my bedroom. "Let me dry your hair." I let him dry my hair for the next fifteen minutes. When he's done, he makes me make a fish face so he can apply a little bit of lip gloss to my lips. He then passes me a pair of pale pink tennis shoes which I put on quickly. He scans me from head to toe and then grins at me. "Perfect. Let's go."

I follow him down the stairs and stop in my tracks when I get to the bottom step. The whole house has been decorated with Christmas decorations. Tinsel hangs from the ceilings and snow spray is on the walls and windows, showing different Christmas designs. I feel my throat tighten.

This is my first real Christmas.

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