The door to my heart

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This is the piece of work that I had to do for my year ten English bridging work. According to my year nine teacher though, thirteen A4 pages is too long for a short story. I guess she's never seen the novels I've written.

Enjoy, vote and comment, Josie x.


   I look in the mirror and see a shadow, a ghost, an empty shell of a soul. Nothingness. Space. Why? Why am I here? Why was I put on this planet? I have no purpose - at least - if I have, I haven't been told. Is there something that I need to do, do I have a calling? Or am I meant to wander through life, doing nothing but glide through, aimlessly?

   These are the thoughts I have every morning and evening, every time somebody gives one of the looks, the ones that are basically saying 'why bother in life, what have you got to offer? Nothing. And because of that I feel sorry for you'. The hatred and pointlessness that I feel for myself and my life, I radiate on those around me. I ignore random people that try to say 'hi' to me and yell at teachers. I swear at my caring parents. I push away my twin brother.

   Basically, I'm an ignorant and obnoxious cow that needs to get a life and stop pitying herself.

   'She's just not found her true potential yet', 'she's under a lot of stress, at the moment', 'I think it's her time of the month', 'she does try, it's just that we're having a bit of trouble at home'. These are some of the excuses that my parents say to the people that 'clash' with me and my 'stress'. Poor people - hey - at least they're going somewhere in life, unlike me.

    I changed into our manky school uniform: tights, skirt (I have a short one, just to show boys what they'll never be able to have), white three quarter sleeve, blouse, black and yellow tie and black-grey knit-type jumper. Sexy! I pulled my hair into a side pony tail, added some eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and some sienna lip gloss. I went into the kitchen, grabbed a Frosties cereal bar and chucked it in my school bag. Gazing at the clock, I realised it was time to leave for school. "Bye" I grunted as I slammed the oak door shut.

   After walking through the front gates of Wenzel Upper School and making my way to the form room, I sat at my usual table (back corner, on my billy bob), put the ear phones of my iPod in and blank out, listening to some random song that I'd downloaded the night before.

   "Hilary!" Miss Nare shouted. I ignored her. "Hilary! Get those ear phones out and put them on my desk, this instant!" I took them out and set them on my desk. "I said my desk." Miss said, raising a hand to her forehead.

 "Well, this is one of your desks. It's in your classroom, henceforth, your desk." I retorted, leaning back on my chair.

"Sit up straight!" Miss Nare snapped. I swung my chair back into place and gave her the evils. "Don't look at me like that!" She yelled.

"I'm not looking at you like anything." I said, making the evils even more obvious.

"Out!" Miss said, pointing towards the door. I slammed my chair up aginst the wall, put my iPod in my bag, slung it over my shoulder and walked out of the room.

   I was in isolation. 'How?', you may ask. Well, in first lesson, I was asked to work with a group of fake, tarted up, Barbies. I refused. The teacher said that it wasn't optional, I swore, said that there was such a thing as free will and stayed exactly where I was. He told me I either worked with them or I went to Isolation. I stood up, grabbed my bag and walked to Isolation. I heard the Barbies yell 'good riddance' as I left, then laugh. Hey presto, here I am.

    I was sat at a double desk, two desks in front, one behind, listening to my iPod, feet up on the table as the door swung open and in he came. Some random guy, I think he was in the year above me. He sat down at the table behind me and I heard some rattling, I guessed that he was looking in his bag for his phone or iPod - something like that. I just listened to my iPod, staring at the desk in front of me.

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