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Natalie was happily preparing dinner as Mark and Amber were in the living room playing on the PlayStation. She could hear them laughing and teasingly telling each other off, and she smiled. She didn't think she could finally reach that kind of peace of mind. That kind of happiness. 

Until her phone went off. Natalie checked her phone, not recognising the number. She picked up anyway. "Hello?"

There was few seconds of silence, until the person on the line replied. "Hey, Nat." It only took a second for her to recognise the voice. "Natalie." He corrected. "It's Isaac."

"Oh hey." Natalie said not hiding the fact that she was surprised. She was debating with herself if she should talk to him or hung up the phone. 

"How are you? How's work going?" Isaac asked, feeling the need to make small talk to break the awkwardness.

"You might just tell me why you called before you ask me about the weather." Natalie decided to let him tell her the reason he called her. 

"Sorry, I'm not sure how to talk to you anymore." He confessed. "I was married to you and now I can't even ask you how you're doing."

"I don't really have time for your existential crisis." Natalie said as she continued stirring the food in the pot. "And frankly you didn't even ask me how I was doing when we were married so this is really unnecessary."

"Okay, I know this is hard to believe but I loved you once" Isaac sighed out and Natalie could hear the sadness in his voice. "I made some really bad choices but I did love you."

"Okay, I'm really not up for this. So let's not dwell on the past. Just tell me why you called. Because I doubt that it's because you suddenly cared if I knew that you loved me once." Natalie snapped at him, hating how upset he could get her in just few minutes.

"Okay, sorry." Isaac muttered. "I've been trying to call Amber. She barely answers the phone and when she does she says that she's busy. And I know that she's avoiding me. And I really miss her Nat."

"What did you expect Isaac?" Natalie scoffed. "You really hurt her. When you were only trying to hurt me, you were also hurting her."

"I wasn't trying to hurt... Never mind." He stopped himself, realising that whatever he was going to say was going to sound really stupid. "I know I screwed up with her. But I want to make things right. I'm really trying... Like I go to therapy twice a week and I've gotten myself a hobby and I really want to see her. Can you please talk to her?"

"Leave it to me to fix everything, right?" Natalie laughed bitterly.

"She could fly out for just few days... You could also come, you know? You could come."

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