Chapter One

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Sang POV

I hear the loud, heavy footsteps of the boys running up the stairs. I stay hidden under my covers, burying my head further into my pillow, letting out a soft, happy contented sigh.
Today is Saturday and the first day of spring break. For the last week the boys have been up to something, planning something that I'm not allowed to know. Normally if it was Academy work they would tell me so, but every time I asked what was wrong they brushed it off like a piece of fluff on their shoulder.
I started watching their behavior. The only change I noticed were the huge, massive smiles on their faces-including Mr. Blackbourne-but even then nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
I hear my door handle being twisted and then the soft approaching footsteps of the boys as they get closer to my bed. Deciding to be funny, I chuck back the covers and jump to my feet trying to Roar and my voice cracks but I'm pretty sure I saw Gabriel jump back a step while the others laughed.
"Shit. Trouble. You scared the shit out of me." Gabriel complains.
"Sorry, Meanie." I smile at him.
"Not you're not." He says.
"I can't believe Sang just made you crap your pants." Luke says slapping him on the back.
"Shit. I didn't crap my pants." Gabriel complains.
"Whatever you say, Gabe. Whatever you say." Luke says.
I look between the two smiling. I love their banter. I can't help it. "So, what are you all doing here?" I look between North, Silas, Luke, Gabriel, Nathan, Victor and Kota who are all now grinning at me. I'm pretty sure they've lost their minds.
"Baby, it's spring break." North says.
I nod, completely aware of that. "Soo..." I press on.
"Were going on fucking vacation, Trouble."
I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped opened. Vacation? As in a holiday? I've never been on one before that I know of. I also don't have any money. I mean these things cost money right? I know I'm probably worrying about something stupid because I know Victor will pay for it like he does with everything else even for the others. But...I can't believe it. "A holiday?" I finally whisper. Seven heads nod eagerly. "I've never been on a holiday before." I admit. Sad, angry looks cross the faces of the boys as they realize that this may be true. "Where are we going?" I ask wanting to get rid of that look.
"After a long discussion at our family meeting last week we chose a place." Kota said, pushing up his glasses with his index finger.
"It's slightly childish baby, but I know it'll be fun." North said. "I can't wait to see your face when you see the place we have chosen."
I wait for them to tell me but instead they just look at me a little worried. Finally I say. "Well...? Where am I going? Where are we going?" Excitement bubbles inside of me. I'm going on holiday.
"Peanut, were going to Florida."
"Florida?" I repeat.
"Disneyland to be exact, Aggele."
"And maybe a few water parks but yes Sang." Kota says. His green eyes lighting up. "We're taking you to Disneyland, Florida."
I can't help but squeal with excitement.


After I had calmed down about the news of going to Disneyland -a place I have only ever read about in books and seen on TV-North and Luke cooked breakfast for us all. Nathan and Kota disappeared off to their houses with Victor and Luke while Gabriel dragged me up to my room and into the attic to start sorting clothes together to put in a new pink suitcase he had brought with him that was already full of clothes I had never seen before.
North and Silas follow us into the attic, North taking a seat on the bean bag chair and Silas sitting on the floor cross legged while I sit near my closet while Gabriel says yes and no to clothes to pack.
I look from the suitcase and my closet several times before saying. "Where did those clothes come from?" I point over to the case.
"I've been shopping this week Trouble and I bought you some things you'll need." He replies frowning at a pair of shorts.
"But...don't I have enough things already?" I'm sure I don't need new clothes for a Holiday but then I've never been before so I don't really know.
"No Trouble you don't."
"Don't worry Baby." North says from his chair. "He's been shopping for all of us this week." I relax a little knowing that I wasn't the only one who had new clothes bought for them. This also tells me that it's normal to have new clothes for the holiday.
Gabriel hands me of pair of pale blue shorts, pale pink cami, grey cardigan and a pair of bright pink tennis shoes. None I have ever seen before. "Go have a bath and get dressed Trouble. It's going to be a long day."
I take the pile of clothes and shoes from him and head over to the attic door. I pause for a second looking back at the guys over my shoulder. "While we're away..." I pause for a moment wondering if I should ask. I shrug mentally and finish my question. "Would you be doing Academy stuff?" It's a thought that's just occurred to me. I have never seen the boys have a day off since I've known them and I'm a little worried that some Academy stuff will pull them away from having fun and doing what normal sixteen/seventeen year olds do.
Smiles grace all their faces. "No Aggele. No Academy." I feel my whole body relax and let out a sigh of relief knowing that we will each have each other's attention.
I smile at them all once more before climbing out of my attic and making my way to the bathroom.
I quickly bathe, shave my legs and brush my teeth. I don't bother washing my hair as I only washed it last night. I dress in the clothes that Gabriel handed to me and look at myself in the mirror.
I can see my own excitement reflected in my eyes and the smile on my lips is completely happy, unforced or shy. It's a full blown one and I don't recognize myself.
I brush my hair and decide to part it down the middle at the back and put it in two braids. Something different for a change instead of my normal blow dry from Gabriel or my twist and clip style.
I exit the bathroom and walk back into my room to find Gabriel pulling my case from the attic space, grunting and groaning as he does. I let out a small giggle and go over to help him. When it's free, we move out of the way for North and Silas to climb out. "What about Marie?" I ask. It's another thought that occurred while I was in the bath. I don't want to leave her by herself.
"Marie is going to some cabin with Danielle and a load of other girls from school." North replies and I can't help wondering how he knows this. He knows more about my own sister than what I do and I've never seen him have a conversation with her.
I don't reply I just follow them downstairs and out the front door where North's jeep is and an SUV I don't recognize but a familiar face with grey eyes climbs out of the driver's seat and another familiar faces climbs out of the passenger side. "Mr. Blackbourne. Dr. Sean." I nod my head at them.
"Looking forward to vacation, Pookie?"
I can't fight the smile that spreads up across my whole face. I'm pretty sure it's going to split in half. "Yes." I say but it's come out more like a squeal. I really have to stop doing that.
Dr. Sean laughs. "I'm glad."
"Where's the others?" Mr. Blackbourne asks. I take him in the first time since he arrived and I'm completely shocked with what he's wearing. A white fitted v-neck t-shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans and sneakers on his feet. Sunglasses rest in the v of his t-shirt. I've never seen Mr. Blackbourne doing casual before and I can't help but think that it suits him. He looks more his age at nineteen but keeps his face stern, calm and collected. I wonder if Mr. Blackbourne will relax a little over Vacation. I do hope so. It's a side of him I would love to see.
"Just coming now." Gabriel replies.
"Why don't you put Sang's case in the SUV Silas?" I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped open for the second time within a couple of hours. For once Mr. Blackbourne didn't use the Mr and Miss thing he does. He notices my face and his millimeter smile appears. "You seem a little shocked Sang. I can be casual too you know."
"Of course." I reply not missing his slight playful tone. I like this side of Mr. Blackbourne already.
"Don't worry Pumpkin." Dr. Sean says. "You'll miss this side of Owen when we return home and back to reality so enjoy this Owen and forget the stern commanding one just for the week."
I stifle the giggle that threatens to burst free. "Okay, Dr. Sean."
"Oh...I'm not a Doctor this week so Sean is just fine." Sean looks over at Mr. Blackbourne and grins wickedly before turning back to me. "And he's Owen. I don't care what he says. This next week, he's Owen to you and the others."
I can't help but flick my gaze to Mr. Blackbourne, silently asking if that's okay. I see him nod his head slightly, giving me permission. The only thing I do is smile in return. I'm speechless because this Owen, Mr. Blackbourne is so different.
When Nathan, Kota, Luke and Victor come back with two suitcases, a red and a green one they pile them into the SUV and jeep.
"I've got Sang." North announces as we huddle around the two cars.
"I'll come with you." Silas adds.
"Me too." Luke says raising a hand.
"And me." Gabriel says. "Got to keep my Trouble out of trouble." He winks over at me.
"Looks like I have Victor, Kota and Nathan then." It seems odd for Mr. Blackbourne, Owen to call the boys by their names and not so formal. It may take a while to get used to it but I can't help the small smile that lingers on my lips as he does it.
I really, really like this Mr. Blackbourne.
We all huddle into the cars. I sit in between Luke and Gabriel while North gets into the driver's seat and Silas into the passenger seat. North starts the car and starts to follow the SUV. "Where are going now?"
"To the airport." Luke answers.
My eyes widen at him. "But don't I need an id?"
He smirks. "Don't worry about that Sang. Just sit back and relax."
Trust. Trust. Trust. I chant silently in my head. Trust the boys. When that sunk in I sink back into my seat. "Relax." I repeat. "Yeah, I can do that."

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