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Y'all left the mall and looked at the pretty sunset and saw Ryan was looking at it too. And noticed his amazing features and his pretty eyes and Zoe and Zara were staring at him too.

The sunset

The sunset

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Y/n Pov:

Zoe and you were walking to the car and started talking about Ryan. "So.... you and Ryan whats going on", Zoe said. "What you mean", y/n said. "Like ya'll look like somethings going on", Zoe said. "Trust me theres nothing going on", y/n said. "ok we'll see", Zoe said.

Y/n Thoughts

I like Ryan. I think his cute ,yes but not like that i think but maybe I'll never know. I don't think he likes me like that.

Ryan's pov:

Zara and I were enjoying the sunsets together. I took a little glance at Y/n and Imani caught me. It was kinda embarrassing." So you and my big sis", Zara said. "What do you mean", I said." something is going on there my big sis has never acted like this ever", Zara said. "ummmm....... ok", I said." Take care of her for me", Zara said." Sure no problem", I said. "thanks", she said.

Nobody's pov's

We got to the car. Both Zoe and Zara were laughing. It was a bit awkward between you and Ryan but it brushed off soon than later. Y'all starting rapping, singing and vibing and having fun till they drove you girls home." You guys wanna come inside", Imani said. "yea sure", Justin said." Why not", Ryan said. " Ayo Ryan wanna do a Tiktok", y/n said. "Sure why not", Ryan said. " Zara can you film for us", you asked. "Sure", she said. After Shooting the TikTok." that was good big sis and Ryan", Zara said."Thanks Zara", you said." Yea thanks", Ryan said. "You guys look so cute together", Imani said." Yea you do", Justin said." that's what we said", the twins said in unisons. " that is very out of pocket but ok", you said. " I agree very out of pocket", he said. You and Ryan were blushing while hearing the comments they said you kinda liked hearing it though but did Ryan like it too?

" Umm.....How about we watch some tv", you said." Yea why not", Ryan said. "Y'all enjoy your tv imma go to bed cause we have to wake up early morning for the trip", Zoe said." Yea imma going too", Zara said."Ok night Zoe and Zara", you said."yea night my Lil queens", Imani said." Night girls", Justin said."goodnight", Ryan said." goodnight everyone", the twins said in unisons

11:00 P.M.

"We should get going", Justin said." yea we should", Ryan said." Ok sure but wanna hangout tomorrow?", Imani said."Sure", Ryan said."sure why not", Justin said."I'm down to hang", you said. Justin and Imani were having a Lil chat before they left. Well you and Ryan were alone and y'all were quiet till you broke the silence" It was nice meeting you today", you said." Same", he said." I'm sorry about my sisters", you said."No It's ok", he said." Ayo Ryan let's go, bye y/n", Justin said." Gotta go see ya soon", he said. You hugged Ryan before he went off and I think he could see you blushing and started smirking

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