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Okay, so I thought I was done spitting out all the annoyance I had recently with the Hindi Serial toxicity, but then I sat down in front of TV today for less than 1 hour and I became so frustrated that I knew what I had to do. 

I had to update this story!

I guess I will mark this incomplete again as I have been in front of random serials again these days so may be I will keep coming up with something or the other for this book again in coming days. 

This time, there was few scenes I saw that made me come up with this. And that happened within less than an hour with 3 serials. And then I remembered, this shit happens with every single serial. 

Can you guess what I am talking about? (Well may be obvious from the title)

So the thing is, every protagonist girl in the story never wear western clothes, and almost all antagonist girl in the story wears western clothes. The most western clothes I have seen a "good girl" wearing must be jeans and shirt/top. But never dress and all, it is like almost NEVER. 

My point? 

Well, a girl can be well behaved, very well mannered, and never have bad intention towards others and they can still love wearing western clothes, short clothes, or the kind of makeup which serials only do for villains. 

This was already so freaking annoying, but hold your breath, there's more on the table. 

I am not able to find the scene I am about to mention that I saw in an ad, but let me just put a picture in front of you:

I am not able to find the scene I am about to mention that I saw in an ad, but let me just put a picture in front of you:

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This serial is called "Rishton Ka Manjha". I don't watch this serial so I don't have complete clear picture of the story, but this serial is about badminton players. Well, in this scene the girl is getting married (well obviously). But can you guess what happens next? 

I so badly wish I could add the picture for proof and also so you could cringe with me, but unfortunately I couldn't get it anywhere and those episodes are yet to be up on the tv so can't even take screenshot of live stream! UGH!

So what happens next is, she goes to play badminton right after this. 

You confused? I bet so. 

So, there's a badminton tournament, not just any tournament, a national level (I hope I am right, I am not 100% sure) tournament and she is some sort of state level champion or something like that apparently and the guy is her tutor but he stopped playing long back for some reason. 

Now getting back into the scene, the tournament is on same day just as her wedding day. So the guy takes the girl to the badminton court right from the Mandap (the place to get married) straight to the badminton ground. 

Are you still waiting for the surprise or did you guess it already?


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