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please read the a/n at the bottom of the chapter :)

I quickly rushed back to my house, relieved that my parents still wouldn't be back until a while. I didn't necessarily want them to see me in this state. I already knew my face would be pale, as I felt my whole body tremble with fear. 

They were doing the games again. 

I pushed through some people as my legs began to grow tired and sore underneath my weight, but I didn't let that stop me as I neared my house and a new wave of motivation pulsed through me. 

My breathing was shallow and rapid, as I held the card in my hand in an iron grip. I was painfully aware of the way each edge of it brushed against my palm. I so badly wanted to throw it out, get rid of any trace of it, and not remind myself of what we went through, but I knew I couldn't. 

I would have to show Sae-byeok, and hopefully Gi-hun if we found out where he was. And maybe we could find a way to stop the games, and save the players from their unfair and cruel fate. 

I nearly lost my footing completely as I ran up the my few front stairs, slipping off my shoes before running into my house. I could hear light talk from my room, and felt bad for interrupting Cheol and Sae-byeok's bonding time, but I had to. 

I softly knocked before pushing open the door when I didn't get anyone telling me not to come in. I poked my head through the door, to see Sae-byeok sitting on my bed, facing her brother and the suitcase discarded to the corner of the room.

"Cheol? Can I speak to your sister for a bit? I promise I won't be that long." I spoke softly, and the boy nodded before standing up and walking past me, leaving the room. I felt Sae-byeok's worried gaze on me as I stepped into the room, before collapsing on my back on the bed. 

"What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost." She tried to joke, obviously trying to lighten the mood. However, the room was engulfed in deafening and suffocating silence as I pried open my hand to reveal the card. 

I didn't dare look at her face, only staring at my ceiling as I heard her breath hitch and he soft fingers burns my trembling hand as she picked the card away from me and into her grip. From the corner of my eye, I could see how she stared at it for a moment, and I could feel her worry and fear radiating off of her. 

"Where did you find this Y/n?" Her voice was angry, but it only came out in a whisper as I  bit my lip, before sitting up and facing the girl. 

"I saw a man, playing the same game we did. As soon as he got the card I took it from him." I croaked out, as she stared between me and the card, her eyebrows downturned as her lips pulled into a frown. 

"Sae-byeok, we can't--," I couldn't even finish my sentence before I was completely shut down by her. 

"No." She said, as she scrunched the paper in her hand, before quickly pocketing it. She shook her head for emphasis. "I know what you're going to say, and my answer is no." This time, her voice was still mad, but was delivered harsher. I prayed Cheol was no where near my room, and couldn't hear the argument that was soon to bloom. 

"We can't just stand by and let these people die!" I exclaimed as she pursed her lips, shaking her head again. I felt my body slump, but I wasn't going to give up just yet. 

"We know what's going to happen to them. How are you just going to let it happen?" I seethed out, pulling my face closer to hers as I felt my face grow red from anger. In any other situation, I would've gone red from a blush spreading like wildfire, from our close proximity and the way her breath hit my face. 

My frown grew impossibly deeper as she grabbed my cheeks between her hand, pulling her lips back in anger. 

"I'm not risking our lives again for random people. Do you know how lucky we are to have gotten out alive?" She said lowly and I pushed her off of me before I crossed my arms against my chest. It didn't matter to me that the people who were putting their lives on the risks for some cash were random people. Sae-byeok was still a stranger to me when I attempted to help her on the first day of the game. Her not knowing me wouldn't change that. 

My fists clenched and I turned white as I glared at the equally as mad girl in front of me. I expected her to be at least a little more understanding, seeing as though she knows what those people are going to endure, and she knows that hundreds of innocent are going to die. 

I shook my head at her. "So what if they're strangers! They're still people!" I shrieked, and Sae-byeok slumped, pushing a hand through her short hair as she groaned loudly. 

"Give me the card." I muttered, and she looked up at me, her eyebrows knitting in confusion, before staring at my outstretched hand. 

"What?" I sucked my front teeth in annoyance. 

"I said, give me the card." My gaze went to the pocket where the card sat scrunched up. "I get that you don't want to come, but that doesn't change my decision." I said firmly, as I breathed in a harsh breath. 

I heard Sae-byeok laugh softly, before her face turned back to its mad expression. She covered her pocket with her hand. 

"No fucking way. We're not going back." 

◯ △ ▢

"Player 456. Don't get any absurd ideas. Just get on the plane, it's for your own good."


okay so obviously since s2 isn't out I can't really write about the three going back to the games blah blah, so until s2 is out I'm just going to write about sae-byeok, cheol, gi-hun and y/n as requested. 

feel free to leave any ideas, they'd be greatly appreciated!!

when s2 comes out I may just make a second book for it, or just continue on this specific book, im not sure it all just depends.

and if you don't like the fact that im not writing about the games until then, then im rlly sorry about that but there's literally nothing I can do. 

also this isn't edited so if (especially the start!!) doesn't make sense its because im tired don't hate xx

I got my second fax today #hotvaccinatedqueen #belikeme!!!😝💪🏽

and ohmygod my cm=omputer was acting dumb🙄 and for some reason whenever I went on google > wattpad I literally couldn't edit my stories I spent 10000 years trying to find out a way for it to work my ass even shut down my computer but that didn't even work!!!!!!!!😭😭 so I hate t o say it but Im using safari rn im so sorry😩😔😔😔😔

but as usual I hope u enjoyed, and I'll see u on the next chapter <3😍😍😍😎🗣

also I hope the coloured text worked hehe

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