Part 3 - Skylab's News

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"How do you feel Miss Skylab?"

"I feel great, thanks, doctor."

Skylab had already taken to wearing loose and baggy clothes. There was no need as yet. Her partner, Kev, the father of her unborn babe, laughed, "Your belly is not bigger than mine, you are not even showing yet, so why do you wear all the ill-fitting gear?"

The doctor cringed. He knew Thai girls were proud to show 'their condition' as soon as they knew. Kev had not been an expectant father before, in England or Thailand.

The doctor carried on, "Everything seems to progress perfectly. We'll move next door and check the ultra-sound if that is okay, I'll see you in two weeks time. Don't forget, no heavy lifting, keep the stress to a minimum."

The doctor looked at Kev pointedly.

Kev didn't notice the doctor's glare. He wouldn't have understood the doctor's meaning, anyway.

Kev's smile brightened the dimly lit ultra-sound treatment room. He thought he could see it was a girl. At least he hoped so. It was as if his daughter grinned at him. The doctor then smiled his agreement, then said, "It is too early to tell, but as you can see, there is something in there, and he or she is moving."

Coffee Investigations, the expecting couple's business, had been busy for months, at last, they planned a quiet week. Kev and Skylab were happy that the work had eased off. Skylab, a Bangkok girl, had enjoyed her university training as a teacher. Her respected uncle, head of the Hua Hin branch of the family, had insisted she helped in the family guest house while teaching the Thai language to her uncle's unlikely friend, Kev. The uncle had helped Kev in the early days of his agency business; they had become close friends.

"I would be pleased if we get no cases until our baby is born," said Kev.

"I can't believe I'm hearing you correctly. You don't want to earn any money for the next few months?"

"Just enough to tick over, maybe. Work I can handle alone, let you relax, you've earned a break."

"Kev, I'm perfectly okay to work, just don't let me graft with Dam!"

They both laughed. It was unlikely she would ever be called upon to work with her cousin's building company. They were both close to Dam. They could trust the man in dire situations, as he had proven in the past, time and time again. He no longer worked with Kev and Skylab, now he had his thriving building firm.

They drove back to their office from Petcharat Hospital, their friend Police Captain Gatts was waiting for them.

"How'd it all go?" said the overweight police officer, hitching up his trousers.

"All good thanks. Don't say you've got a job for us?" said Kev.

"Something is going on. Not enough for the police to get involved just yet, but I'd like to hear your views."

"Tell us more."

Gatts looked at Skylab and changed the subject.

"Are you finding it hot this season? I think we are in for some rain."

"Gatts, are you turning English, talking about the weather?"

Kev then realised that his friend wanted a private talk.

"Skylab, I'm gasping for a coffee, would you mind?"

The police officer leaned forward, aiming his words to Kev's ear.

"It's about babies, and I need your thoughts. I don't want Skylab to hear this."

"What are you on about?"

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