Forever in a day...

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This is just some random short story that I've written for our school newspaper/magazines Valentines issue. (Okay, so I know this is, like, minute...but, well, it's got to be just enough to keep people interested and not make them think 'shit! This is huge! I can't be arsed to read it'.), anyways, I believe the saying is: 'short and sweet'.

Enjoy, Josie x


   The wind blew my hair as we lay in the sun. We were in the secluded area of the local park, just sitting and talking. I had my head resting on his chest as his arms rested on my waist. My hair blew and I heard him chuckle slightly as he moved his arm – I’m guessing – to remove my hair from his face. “Sorry.” I said after a small giggle escaped my lips.

He just kissed my forehead and said “No harm done.”

   Over a short period of time, maybe fifteen minutes tops, the sun slowly disappeared. Dark, opaque clouds replaced the wispy pink blobs of candy floss that had earlier hung high in the summer sky. I felt a small spot of something land on my shorts clad legs. I looked to see more land on me. It was raining. Joy?! I looked at him and giggled. He helped me stand up, got up himself and then linked our hands before we started to walk away.

   The rain became heavier as we neared civilisation. By the time we got to my road, we were soaked from head to foot and running the rest of the way, me giggling as my wet hair whipped me in the face and on my shoulders.

   When we got to the top of my front lawn, he ran his fingers through my dripping hair, moving the stray rats tails that clung to my cheeks. He then planted a gentle butterfly kiss on my lips as his hands sat on my cheeks. “I love you.” He whispered before jogging down the road towards his own home. My feet were firmly glued to the floor as these three magic, life changing words ran through my head in every which way.

   'I love you.'

   As I thought about the phrase that was thrown around so lightly, I realized that he felt complete when with me, as content as I felt when with him. We were each others everything and anything.

   We were forever.

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