Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
Move In

Juvia went out of the car, immediately after parking it. Even though, she knew that Xander was in her house, her fears didn't go away. While driving home, the thought of Xander in Gray's side scared her. The thought of Gray having Xander scares her. She wasn't meant to be scared. After all, Gray is the father. What scared her is that Gray might take his son away because she didn't agree with their marriage.

When she saw Xander in Gray's arms, she immediately calmed down. He didn't take away Xander. Thank God! She thought.

"Momma!" The boy cried happily. Xander tried to reach for her. She smiled and took his son into her arms.

She tears up. "Hey, baby." She even kissed Xander's cheeks repeatedly.

Then she looked at Gray, who was shocked and confused to see her. Maybe it was the way she answered the him earlier. With the panic and anger in it.

"Are you all right?" He asked. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to answer the phone when I called. Xander had a hard grip on it."

"You should have told me that you'll see Xander!" Her voice seems angry. "I have nothing against you visiting my son. But please, just text or call me before you do that!"

She almost had a heartattack. She thought Gray will take Xander away from her. She's being paranoid these days.

"Okay. Okay." Gray answered.

Then, there's silence between them. Only Xander's giggly voice was heard. Gray stared at Juvia. Juvia stared too, not to forget that she has been admiring his physical appearance and presence.

"Why did you come here anyway?" She asked.

"You said he looked for me when he woke up. I wanted to be here after you said that. But I have something to do first." Gray explained. Juvia sighed in relief.

Juvia, you're acting crazy. He wasn't taking Xander! Damn it. She thought.

"Shall we go inside?" Juvia cleared her throat and asked. She rubbed off that Gray really looks handsome and manly. And the fact that Gray war Xander's father made him more attractive in Juvia's eyes.

When they entered the house, Xander hopped down from Juvia. The kid ran through his toys and played with it. She smiled.

"So, there's only one helper in your house?" Gray suddenly asked.

Juvia looked at him. Then, she nodded. "She takes care of the house and Xander very well."

Gray nodded his head slowly, looking around her house.

"Um, Gray..." Juvia said. "About the marriage you have said."

Gray interrupted Juvia. "Let's not talk about it for a while."

"I know you've talked to Father." She speaks louder so that she won't get interrupted. "Gajeel said."

"Yes. I did. Just earlier." Gray sighed. "He approved of the marriage."

Juvia was shocked. How the hell did Juvia's foster father approved Gray? When her father knew that she was pregnant, her father was furious that he meant to kill whoever knocked her up.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Her father yelled when she saw her. Her father saw the bump on Juvia's belly.

"Father, don't be so hard on her." Gajeel said calmly. Even though, Gajeel was also terrified of what will happen. Their father was strict but he loved their children. But mostly, he was strict.

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