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"...Are you alright?" Y/N's voice sounding angelic and soft, it was so full of concern for a stranger like him.

The boy beside her was caught off-guard, he was too focused on savoring the bottled water that he jerked upon the question, "H-huh?... O-Oh, yeah!"

Y/N sweat dropped, she didn't want the tension between them to be too awkward, but she actually referred to the bruises on his face and not the chase, "N-no. I meant your injuries..."

This is so embarrassing! He sweated bullets because he thought wrong. He was doubting if he should tell her that he's often beaten or just answer that he's okay.

"I'm alright! It usually happens..." he forces a smile, scratching the back of his head.

It usually happens? Y/N frowned at his statement. How is he fine with that?

Eeeek! She's not happy that I said I was fine?! The blond thought carefully on what to say next, he's already freaking out not to die in embarrassment, "I'm also a d-delinquent. That's w-why I said it usually happens."

In realization, her face brightened up. Oh! That makes sense! They typically fight, huh?

He found himself relax at her reaction, a sigh of relief escaping from his lips. He compared her expression to a kid who was learning new things. Innocent and curious. It reminded him of someone he knew too.

Alas, he didn't have to feel tense anymore.

Her face is cute...

Wait... What am I thinking!!?!?

He suddenly blushed from the thought, he knew it was wrong, but he was just being honest. Though, it just means that he did stare at her face. Her demeanor was different from back there too, no one would expect her to be so cool.

"I'm Tsuchiya Y/N. What's your n-name?" it took a while for Y/N to realize that they didn't know each other's name yet, talk about awkward.

He got startled once again, he was busy blushing that he hoped she doesn't notice his reddened face, "I'm Hanagaki T-Takemichi!!"

That was close, phew...

Y/N was surprised and giggled, he didn't have to say his name out loud. The other people in the convenience store might stare at them.

Even her laugh is cute!!

"May I ask why were you fighting that man with a scar on his eyebrow?" Y/N wanted to know the reason why he was being beaten back at Mizo High School. She'd be lying to herself if she wasn't worried about him.

If she hadn't come, he'd really get severe injuries.

Takemichi took a deep breath, "It all started days before... well it was our ignorance that got us in the mess, me and my friends were deceived to fight them. We got humiliated and lost. To repent for losing, we had to abide by Kiyomasa's orders."

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