My Immortal....God Wants to Kill Me, Doesn't He?

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So....I was on Wattpad the other day, surfing through books until I come across this book called My Immortal.

And to this day, I go: "Why did I click on that to begin with?"

The thing is that some brave writer found the badly written Harry Potter fanfic and posted it in it's original writing, word for word without committing suicide. The orignal author of the fanfic is named Tara [insert last name here] who apparently acted 'goth' and thought of others as 'preps' (I have no clue, I'm just telling you the shit I have heard and seen.)

And onto the rant.

Okay. Does God truly want to ruin my childhood? Because I feel like reading this killed me inside. Just look it up and see what I mean.

It's characters are completely Mary-Sue, Draco is a complete mess (.......) AND IT'S GRAMMAR MISTAKES AND SPELLING ARE WORSE THAN A FIVE YEAR OLD.


I honestly do not get the four positive comments (I'm not kidding) And.....oh my god, it's gets worse by each chapter. Like for example, "Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way"?! Okay, its unique and all that. But then she says that she's goth and is a vampire. 


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That's all for now, folks!

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