"My Darling Come"

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My Love , My Heart

The Caregiver of my tender soul ,

The Keeper of my Secrets , my bestfirend

We're Endless ,

Like Super Glue , you hold me together .

You fasten me onto steady ground,

Even when I wonder off , you always seem to find me , in the midsts of the night ...

You carry me back home in those Loving Arms, that protect me ,

You keep me safe from all harm ,

Even when Iose my way ,

Your always there calling my name ,

Even through all my mistakes ,

All of them you erase ,

I was not always faithful ,

You always were, You forgave me

I walk my way into your arms feeling to guilty to look into your beautiful eyes ,

You run toward me with arms wide open , with a smile on your face saying " My Darling Come "

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