Chapter 2

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Laying in the bed I just listen to the silence. I have found out a bit about this world...but not much. What I do know, from what Addison has told me, is that this country is headed into the same state mine is currently. Knowing this I can’t let that happen. I can’t sleep comfortably knowing how that life is. I grew up in it. I had no freedom. I didn’t have the liberty to complain about what my clothes were or what I ate. What job I got. Those things are luxuries to me. They are things everyone has the right to and should never be taken from them, and yet they were taken from every citizen of my country. People allowed it to happen and now the ones that did are gone and we are the ones left to suffer the consequences. I refuse to stand by and let any other planet or country go through that. 

I have the ability to conjure a planet. I am now in a country a part of said planet. If I can do that there must be something else I can do. Someway I can help prevent what’s happening. Addison has explained a little about what has been going on. Their previous president supposedly lost the election despite the new and current president having cheated. No one seems to care that their right to a fair vote, where they are supposed to have a voice in their government, was taken from them. It's only been a few months since President Benly took office and he’s already begun to take the country down. People that support William are looked down upon and called names. They are degraded by those that support President Benly, who has taken their rights away. He’s still continuing to do so. He’s had people start riots and start tearing down historical monuments. This vandalism is deemed an act of proving that equality is within the country. 

Right, tearing down the monuments and statues that represent your country and its previous citizen’s past is a way of proving equality. No, it's removing that type of representation. It is the act of demolishing what has happened. It is where this country started. Since then it's evolved and if you remove the knowledge of these mistakes that have been made throughout history...It’ll be repeated. The same things will happen, possibly worse. With these thoughts rampaging around my head I throw the covers off and head straight for the desk residing in the corner of the room. Sitting in the black fabric covered, rotating chair I grab sheets of paper from the drawer and a pencil from the pink plastic wired cup resting on the dark tone of faux spruce wood that is the desktop. I begin writing things that I can do, things I can’t do, and things that I need to research. If I can find out the extent of my abilities I can know how I can manipulate them in a way that can help me save the lives….the rights of these people.  

Waking up in the morning I gather my notes and determine that during my lunch I can attempt to figure out the basics of my abilities. From there I’ll have an idea of what else I can do. Addison lent me some clothes for me to wear today. They are not quite the style I am used to wearing, but I don’t feel that’s necessarily a bad thing. What with all of our clothing options being chosen by the government. It's honestly quite a tremendous improvement. 

Walking into Atlas Petals I’m immediately hit with the sweet redolence of the various flowers that are milling about the flower shop, the bell tied to the door singing in my ear. The atmosphere in Atlas Petals was beautiful. The way the color scheme of omnifarious blues, purples, pinks flowed together. The colors created an almost magical atmosphere. I was getting more and more happy about having been on the receiving end of that man’s seemingly harsh and aggressive words. As in doing so it attracted Addison’s attention and led me to being able to work in this enchanting environment.   

The day progressed fairly quickly. Most of the time I spent being taught how to navigate and help customers. She also asked me to read a book,  “Flower Names, Type, and Color Meanings” , as it would enable me to help the customers better. Watching her speak to the customer of the last bunch, I heard her ask “ What type of event are you purchasing these flowers for?” The man replied “ I’m having dinner with my friend, I was hoping to be able to ask her to be my girlfriend tonight.” Addison smiled beamingly as she proceeded to lead the man to a section of the counter. She meandered throughout the shop gathering different flowers. As she grabbed them she said “Lavender at first sight. Red Rose...I love you. White rose... purity, innocence, reverence, a new beginning, a fresh start.  Gardenia...You’re lovely, secret love. And daisies...Innocence, loyal love, I’ll never tell. These should be perfect for your occasion. I’m rooting for your love” Addison was smiling so brightly it was almost impossible for me to not follow. She had the most genuine expression on her face and it was replicated within her eyes. There was not a doubt in my mind that she truly meant what she told the man. 

As he turned and waved to Addison, he left with the brightest smile on his face. The expression of fear and nervousness long since gone. Despite only having met Addison a single day ago I can already tell that she can motivate the most low-esteemed person, and humble the most self centered person. She definitely wanted people to be able to idly chatter amongst themselves and share stories that had one falling all over themselves. I knew that if there was one person that could help and would help me prevent that ability from being ripped away from them, then it was her.  

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