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I have just woken up after hearing Aahnik voice but I guess I am dreaming because he is obviously not present here, when I opened my eyes I found myself hugging Sidharth till now, my head on his chest and his arms around my waist in a very painful grip, I am sure there would be marks on my waist once he leave me, the way we were sleeping on the floor on the terrace is quite uncomfortable but this was the best night of my life, with the best human being I have ever came across.

I know I feel more than a friend to him, and same goes from my side but I wasn't still ready to point out my exact feelings, I know he isn't Vedant but my past with Vedant doesn't allow me to trust the word LOVE, atleast for now and anyways Love was a very strong emotion which I never wanna jump in a haste. Do I regret what I did yesterday?
No I don't, not even for a second. Why?
Isn't he a stranger? My mind countered, if he is a stranger than I don't know what a soul mate is, my heart replied but it skipped a beat with the word. " Soulmate"
Was he really mine? No He isn't, replied my logical brain. It's just a few months it stated.
And in those few months you have considered him your family, which I know you failed in case even of Vedant, my heart took his side.

It took everything in me to coax him last night, I know I was wrong there, He likes me is quite visible by his actions and I was no one to question when I knew it was everything but fake.
He walked to the terrace last night silently and I felt my whole world came crashing down, I don't know but it didn't settled well with me, I just picked up my shawl and went behind him knowing it would take a lot to coax him, he was still upset I know but wasn't angry anymore. Well that's an improvement.

I heard Aadia calling me this time and saw him on a face time with the kids.

"Dadda Sanu kab uthegi"
"Mumma kab tak soyengi"

" Tu bhi toh sota hai ",Aadia mocked him
" Terese kam, Teacher paanch baar aayi aaj ise bulane" Aahnik countered

"Arey bas abhi aap log kya kar rahe ho" Sidharth asked.

"Mumma se baat karne ke sapne dekh rahe the kyunki phir shaam tak hume busy rahena hai na " Aahnik spoke dramatically.

"Nautanki" I mumbled and Sidharth looked at me for a second and loosed her hold around me the next moment, and I got up.

" Ye toh Sanu ki awaaz thi" Aadia squealed
" Aadia bacha abhi zyada ho raha hai, Sanu badi hai na aapse" Sidharth spoke sternly.

" Toh kya bulaon? " Her voice quivered
" Ale mera bacha" I spoke getting the phone out of Sidharth's hand and saw her lower lip quivering.

"Aise thodi rote hai, Sanu is fine with me, aapke Dadda aise hi bol rahe the na" I coaxed her.
" Mumma cheating! " Aahnik shouted.
"Dheere! " Aadia spoke and he showed her his tongue a little.

" Aahnik! " I spoke sternly.
" Dekho Dekho, Mumma meri ho na aap, iski side kyun lete ho, jab main Sassi ko Sanchi bulata tha tab aapne bhi toh mereko daanta tha" He complained but the only thing I could see was the moist eyes of Aadia.

" Aahnik aise nhi bolte bacha, say sorry to her" I spoke softly to him.
" Nhi bolunga" He spoke.
" Aap meri hi toh mumma ho, isme kya galat bola maine" He asked and Aadia ran from there.

" Arey Aadia sun na.... " Aahnik called her.
" Dekha rula diya na usse aapne Aahnik" I spoke.

" Arey kuch nhi strong hai voh, Champ relax alright" Sidharth spoke.
" Buddy I am sorry, voh chup ho jayegi aap gussa mat hona, main bhool gaya tha uski mumma.... I am sorry, I will talk later" Aahnik spoke and the call went off in a second.

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