“My point exactly. Niall is smarter than he let on” Simon says.

“Agreed but what’s the point of this exactly?” Zayn asked still confused.

Simon sighed, “I have arranged for Dr. Collins to administer an IQ test tomorrow during Niall’s session”

“Oh…” Zayn hesitated, “I’m not sure Niall will go for that”

“Well please do your best to get him to take it seriously” Simon asked.

Zayn sighed knowing this would be hard, “I’ll try” he acquiesced.

“Thank you. That’s all I ask” Simon said before hanging up.

Zayn leaned back against the couch, “How am I supposed to pull this off?”

Despite all of Niall’s protests it turns out that the nap had been for the best after all. The concert went well (Niall having plenty of energy) and Niall got to enjoy a long bath after before being put to bed for the evening.

In the morning Niall was the first one up; he sat up and stretched before taking the time to look around the room. Despite the fact that there were five bedrooms in this hotel, which meant that there was a bed for him, he was still forced to sleep in the travel cot. Still though, he had his own room.

Boredom set in quickly; Niall could see his notepad, pencil, i-pod and headphones sitting on the bed on the other side of the room. It was only twenty feet away and yet he couldn’t have it. Niall debated with himself for a minute more before standing up in the cot and grabbing onto the top of the bars.

The cot itself came up to a foot below his neck; if he worked at it hard enough he could get out. Still he wasn’t allowed out of his cot on his own – the boys always said he could hurt himself. But he was bored! Making his decision Niall started to lifting himself over the side of his cot.

Liam was stirred awake by noises from the baby monitor; why couldn’t Niall just call for them? Sighing he got off his bed, slipped on a shirt and walked over to the room his baby was in.

“What are you doing?” Liam asked sternly as he opened the door.

Niall started at Liam’s sudden presence and released his grip on the railing. With the sudden shock and the loss of support Niall quickly fell back onto the mattress and his head banged lightly against the bottom back half of the cot.

There was padding all around the bottom half so that Niall wouldn’t accidentally roll over and bang into solid wooden bars in his sleep. In truth it hadn’t really hurt that much, just scared him more than anything; yet for some unknown reason Niall burst into tears.

Liam hurried over to Niall and scooped him up, “It’s alright, you’re ok” he soothed as he bounced the boy a little and paced the room. “This is why you aren’t allowed to let yourself out of your cot” Liam said once Niall had calmed some.

“Sorry Mummy” Niall said softly as he stopped crying and just curled into Liam seeking out his heartbeat. Niall couldn’t explain it but being able to hear Zayn or Liam’s heart beat always seemed to sooth him, let him know that he wasn’t alone even if his eyes were closed.

Liam sighed, really the fall and the scare were punishment enough – no need to rehash it. It took a moment for Liam to realize that his baby was wet, “Why don’t we get you changed and dressed hm?”

Liam had posed it as a question but really it was just telling Niall what was going to happen next. It didn’t take long either before Niall was sitting in his highchair staring at a plate of oatmeal fruit and toast.

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