Hazrat Yusuf(A.S)

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Hazrat Yusuf (A.S)

Yusuf(A.S) was a mere lad, but he was true and righteous he was a type of manly beauty.His father loved him dearly.His half-brothers were jealous of him and hated him because their father loved him more.

Yusufs (A.S) Family

Yusuf(A.S) had only one real brother his name was Benjamin he had ten other half brothers. His fathers name was Yaqub(A.S) he had four wives from three he had ten sons and from the fourth he had Yusuf and Benjamin .His mothers name is Rachel.

Place Of Abode

The place where Yaqub(A.S) and his family were located was in canaan, and is shown by tradition near modern Nablus(ancient Shechem), some thirty miles north of Jerusalem.

The Story Of Yusuf (A.S)

One night when Yusuf was sleeping he dreamt that the sun, moon and eleven stars were prostrating to him.When he woke up he ran to tell his father.His father told him not to tell his brothers of his dream because they could harm him.

One day they pleaded with their dad to let Yusuf go with them on a hunting trip but their father was very reluctant to let Yusuf go as he sensed that some danger might befall his favourite son.However the brothers insisted that no harm would come Yusuf and finally their father agreed.

Shortly after they had left their father and were a distance away from the town, the ten elder brothers planned to kill him but, one of them said don't kill Yusuf(A.S) throw him down a well,so they decided to carry out their terrible deed by throwing Yusuf(A.S) down a well and leaving him there to die.

They stripped his shirt of and stained it with blood of a sheep.They came back at night crying and told their father that Yusuf(A.S) had been eaten by a wolf while we were racing each other while we left him to look after our belongings.No sooner we turned our backs and a wolf had attacked and ate Yusuf(A.S).Here is his shirt soaked with blood.Their father was very angry, but in his heart he did not belive their story.

He said,

"No but you have plotted something.Patience is best for me and I will seek God's help concerning what you tell me. (Quran 12:18)

The main phyiscal evedance was that the shirt was not ripped when their father saw the shirt he said That must have been a clever wolf who did not tear the shirt and eat Yusuf(A.S).

After a while a caravan stopped to get water out of the well,when they lowered the bucket into the well Yusuf(A.S) held on to the bucket and was pulled to the top.The travellers decided to take him to Egypt and sell him for a good price

When the caravan reached Egypt,Yusuf(A.S) was sold to a nobleman who kept him as a servent.Then he was prisoned for some years by mistake there he received God's call to be a prophet.As soon as he received God's call to be a prophet he began his mission to preach to his fellow inmates in prison.

Yusuf(A.S) was blessed with a miracle that he could interpret dreams.One day his two companions in prison came to Yusuf(A.S) and asked him to interpret their dreams.

The first man had dreamt that he was standing on a high place,carrying bread on his head and the birds were eating it.The second man had dreamt that he was offering wine to the king.Yusuf(A.S) told them that the first man would be killed and the second would return to the palace and pour wine for the his king.

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