Who Needs to Fill Out Form 1095-B Online Filing During Tax Season?

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made it Simple for Americans to get affordable health care regardless of pre-existing issues.

Unfortunately, it also made tax time a bit more difficult. If you're wondering whether you need to fill out a this tax year, here's what you must know.

What is Form 1095-B?

Form 1095-B is an IRS File sent to American taxpayers who have received at least the minimum essential health insurance coverage required by the ACA. A ordinary form will include all information about:

The covered individuals

The effective dates of coverage

The reporting provider

Are taxpayers wanted to file Form 1095-B Online?

Under the unique requirements of the ACA, taxpayers had to obtain and preserve minimum essential health insurance coverage for every single month of the Tax year. Before 2019, if you didn't have minimum coverage, you were likely to face a tax penalty known as "shared responsibility payment."

Who has to fill out Form 1095-B?

Every person that provides minimum essential coverage to an individual during a calendar year must file an information return reporting the coverage. Filers will use Form 1094-B (transmittal) to submit (returns).

Self-employed persons

People working for businesses with less than 50 employees

People who have other health insurance in totalling to that provided by an employer

When it comes to Form 1095-B, some people get different tax forms

If an entity provides minimum health insurance coverage to an individual, it is required to send

If you joined in a capable health plan through the health insurance marketplace, however, you will receive Form 1095-A. If, on the other hand, you were open or received minimum health care from an employer with at least 50 employees, you may accept instead of, or in addition to, Form 1095-B.

It's important for anyone sharing in a health plan from their state's medical insurance marketplace to acquire their Form 1095-A before they file, so that they can file information about any advance payments of tax credits.

How do I file Form 1095-B?

You must receive either Form 1095-C, Form 1095-B, or Form 1095-A, dependent on who provided you with health insurance coverage in the tax year.

You will classically have to allow that you received one of these forms. Details from your federal tax return will also be requested. Taxpayers do not have to submit the forms themselves; they simply feedback the necessary information and check a box on their returns to designate the period of coverage throughout the tax year. 

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