Red String

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Ophelia sat on the edge of her own bed, suddenly apprehensive to what exactly Nathaniel was planning. She could assume and suspect, especially based on how he had been speaking to her just moments ago and yet... she wasn't entirely sure. For one thing, Nathaniel was the only person to be aware of the fact that she was infatuated with her TA Colby. As sad and pathetic as that was. Secondly Ophelia had long suspected that Nathaniel was more than a little interested in Grace, her niece. Of course, that hadn't stopped him from sleeping around for the last few years so clearly it wouldn't hold him back now. But despite Ophelia's assumption that she must have interpreted Nathaniel's intentions wrongly, he paced to the side of the bed and loomed over her like a bad leading male in some trashy romance.

And even though Ophelia had never quite looked at either her relationship with Nathaniel in that light, nor looked at Nathaniel himself as a potential lover, she could suddenly feel her heart race rocket. It was a completely ridiculous reaction and she wanted to scold herself for it as much as him for causing it but no words came out as he climbed onto the bed over top of her.

Nathaniel wasn't touching her, yet, and still Ophelia could feel the heat radiating out from his body. There was a wicked looking smirk on his face and before Ophelia could really fathom what he was thinking, the man she had watched grow up pressed his mouth to hers. His hands didn't roam anywhere inappropriate, one hand stroking the side of her jaw softly while the other lightly clasped her hand. And even though Ophelia had several good reasons to slap him in the back of his head for being so forward, she instead found herself kissing him back. It made even less sense to her because she'd been angry at him only moments ago also and yet she wasn't going to lie and say that the kiss was lackluster and terrible. Nathaniel had practice and he definitely knew how to make her toes curl. His tongue darted into her mouth and taunted against hers, disappearing quickly so that he could kiss along her upper lip.

A soft gasp left Ophelia's lips as Nathaniel left his gentle kisses at her mouth to spread his attention to her cheek and follow the stroke of his fingers to the line of her jaw. With his lips scattering kisses from her mouth to her pulse and back, Nathaniel's hand was free to gently trace down the fabric of her house coat sleeve to tickle against the skin of her palm. The gasp he drew from her was louder as his mouth left the safety of her neck to start to explore her collar bone and the skin exposed by her housecoat.

Nathaniel was kneeling with his knees straddling her legs and his hands traced more firmly up her arms, sending goose bumps up and across her body as he kissed her on the mouth again. And despite her determination to not do anything stupid or lacking decorum, Ophelia felt her hands lifting to rest on his biceps and she lifted her own body to meet the next kiss. Damn him for doing it but Nathaniel knew how to stroke long dormant fires of passion back to life. Even as Ophelia lifted herself to meet his kiss, Nathaniel's hands left her arms to loosen the belt at her waist and slip the skin of his hands against the cooler skin of her abdomen.

With slowly seductive and methodical movements, Nathaniel kissed Ophelia until she stopped caring that this was a terrible idea. He'd opened her housecoat, leaving her exposed and yet she didn't feel vulnerable as Nathaniel once again started to kiss down the skin of her body. Until he suddenly stopped as quickly as he started.

"I'm sorry." Nathaniel apologized and carefully closed her house coat, tying the belt even as he kissed her softly on the lips. "Twenty-three women. I've been able to ignore it for twenty-three women but I can't with you. I love you Ophelia James but I am not in love with you, and that means that I can't do this." He sat back and ran a hand through his hair roughly.

Ophelia caught her breath, trying to figure out exactly how she felt about this sudden change even as her lips tingled and her body throbbed with her own heart beat. She was glad that they hadn't gone too far, and disappointed that they hadn't gotten farther. "You're in love with Grace." Ophelia's voice sounded strange to her, breathy and far more feminine than she usually allowed it to be.

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