Would he say he's in L.O.V.E.?

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*~*~*~*~*~* 5 YEARS EARLIER *~*~*~*~*~*~*

"You're insecure,

Don't know what for,

You're turning heads when you walk through the door,

Don't need make-up..."


I took my phone and turned off the alarm. Note to self: never set your favourite song as an alarm! As I was about to get up I got a text. I should've known who it was by now. He was my boyfriend for a year now! 

"Morning beautiful! Infront of your house in 15? -Tom"

15 minutes were more than enough. I can get ready in 10 if I skip breakfast and buy something on the way.

"See you then =) -Leah"

I took the rubber band out of my hair and the curls fell perfectly on my shoulders. Brushed my teeth, put on some make-up and I was ready to go. I practicaly bounced down the stairs.

"Mum! Tom's picking me up today!"

"Okay, see you in the evening!"

I took my school bag and went outside. As soon as I closed the door behind me he gave me a quick kiss and I hugged him.

"Good morning babe."

He smiled and I said hi back. We weren't in the same classes so we could only see eachother during the breakes. And not even then because we were mostly with our friends. But after and before school, he was all mine.

"Whats your first class?"

"History. With Tracy."

"Aweee, you poor thing!"

He pouted and I gave him another kiss. It was a 10 minute walk to the school. Usualy we stopped at the bakery to get a bagle or something. We payed and were in school just in time. The bell already rang and I had to run to my next class or I'd be late. I had English. I hated this subject! All we had to do was read stupid books. Don't get me wrong! I love books. But books like Harry Potter or Twilight. Not Romeo and Juliet or Antigone. Of course I had to read them and yes, I did get A's on the tests. But I just didn't like them.


"Stacy! How's my gurl today?"

"Im brilliam! How 'bout yourself?"


We laughed and sat down in our desk. We were THE number one directioners in school. Others liked them too, but not as much as we did. You'd think Tom would be jealous of One direction, but he really didn't mind. He was actually the one to tell me about them. He always loved watching Britain's got talent and x Factor while I was watching movies and stuff. Once he told me I have to watch it with him because he liked a girl. She was okay. I cant really remember her name. But as soon as I saw Niall on stage I sworn I'll watch x Factor until he was eliminated. And when he was put in a group I just had to tell Stacy about it! And since then we were obsessed with them.

"Lets see. Miss Allen?"


"Can you tell me the answer please?"

I looked around and everyone was looking at me. I had no idea what Mr Bennet asked me.


Stacy raised her hand to let him know that she knew the answer.


"I personaly think that Juliet was too young for this crap! I mean she was barely 14!"

The class laughed and Mr Bennet shook his head. The bell rang and everyone hurried out.

"Miss Allen, a word?"

Stacy left the classroom with everyone else and I was alone with him. i hated being alone woth a teacher in a room. I just felt weird.

"You should participate more. I know you knew the answer but the problem is, you're not paying attention to the questions."

"Sorry 'bout that."

"Make sure it doesn't happen again. I'd hate to give you a bad grade."


I walked out of the classroom and tryed to find Stacy. It was hard in the crowd but I finnaly spotted her. And who was that next to her? Tracy? She was surrounded with her minions of course. I walked towards them and heard a part of the conversation.

"...and you'll make my history homework. Here it is."

Tracy handed her a piece of paper and as soon as I got there I took it and ripped it apart.

"Just walk away Trace, while you have the time."

"You won't tell me what to do okay?"

"Well I'm so sorry but I already did."

I have her a badass stare and after a second she picked up the ripped paper and left. Her three minions left with her, giving me a scared look. They were the 'populars' but that didn't stop me. If they were being assholes to my friends I'd do something about it.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just glad you came here before she did anything else."

I smiled and took her hand to get to the next class. The rest of the day was pretty calm. I didn't really have much to do than wait for school to end so I can see Tom again. After the last class finnaly ended Stacy and I ran outside. Tom was already waiting for me and next to him was Stacy's boyfriend Max. We said bye and me and Stacy hugged and then Tom and I left.

"What does my princess want to do today?"

"I don't know. My mum's out again, wanna go to my place?"


We usualy just watched movies or series kissed a bit, and when my mum came home we had dinner or he just left as soon as she came. Every day was pretty much the same. After dinner I went back up in my room, went on tumblr, facebook, my fangirling twitter. On facebook I usually talked to Stacy and my friend Elena. She was an online friend of mine. I met her on twitter and we've been friends since. I could tell her everything and I mean everything. Even stuff I couldnt tell Stacy. And of course as every evening I got a text...

"Night sweety =) -Tom"

"Night hon x -Leah"

*~*~*~*~*~* BACK TO REALITY *~*~*~*~*~*~*

I really don't know what happened to us. One day we were together, and the other we're saying 'lets just be friends'. Maybe I cant remember because I don't want to. I just know that thought it was the best year in my life. Until i finnaly met Niall in person.

I closed my old diary and put it back in a box marked as: 'Life of a teenager' and put it back in the closet on the top shelf. It was 7pm and I had no idea what to do. My mum was out. As always. I came back home just for her and I never thought that she would ditch me like this. Maybe I could go back earlier. My phone vibrated and I checked it out. It was a text.

"Wanna hang today? I called Stacy, she's free and can't wait to see you again Infront of your house in 15? -Tom"

"See you then =) -Leah"

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