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"You think thatll protect you? Your dumber than the last one" He replied leaning back making his slightly rusty chair creek

"The last one?" Master didn't mention anything about another slayer coming here...

"Yeah young girl think she was about 15 had a Katana on her left hip and a smile always on her face that was until it killed her ofcourse" He laughed out looking up at me how could he laugh at that? A young woman dying?

"Well sir if you won't tell me about the killings I guess i'll be on my way then" I bow down before turing hearing him scoff at me.


I made my way to a small fruit stand the fruit was slightly old, I could smell the mango and passion fruit more than anything "Hello ma'am im Y/N"

"Hi there sweetheart what can i get you?" She asks her vouce sweet her smile even sweeter

"I was wondering if you could tell me about the killings" I ask with a smile on my face watching hers drop slightly

"Well kids die it's been that way forever can't change it can't stop it you just gotta learn to live with it sweetheart no use in fighting it" She informs

"Well I will change it and stop it i'll behead the evil demon plaguing this town" I promise her she just smiles back at me reaching out grabbing a red apple and handing it to me I take it and blow on it

"Many people tried to fight it none survived..." She paused letting out a small sigh I could hear her heart beat speed up "You seem like a sweet kid Y/N just turn around and go back home hug your family, your boyfriend, your friends you don't want to die here alone and forgotten"

What's with this town?

Why is everyone so gloomy?

"Thankyou ma'am" I reply before turning were can I find somone to tell me about the demon? I let out a sigh walking through the dusty streets people talking and laughing they really learnt to live with it...

"YOU!" A young girl around the age of 8 screamed pointing at me

"Yes?" I ask

"Get inside! You'll die out here!" She screeches

"What do you mean little girl?" I ask her blonde bangs falling over her eyes

"It comes for teens when the children hide" She whispers, I scan the girl she was bare footed, had brusies and cuts on her legs her knees were bleeding and she wore a dirty raggedy white dress stained with dirt blood and other various foods

"Hey your bleeding where is your mommy?" I ask kneeling down to face the young girl

"She's gone" She reply's "I'm Bella"

"Let me clean up that blood come on Bella" I stand up holding me hand out for her she quickly grabs onto my hand her small fingers wrapping around mine, we both walked for a few moments before i remembered she was bare footed she must of been in pain walking on the hot paths "Can i pick you up Bella?" I ask stopping and looking down at her, her big green eyes perking up

"Really? You'd do that?" She asks her smile big as I picked her up she relaxed her body against me wrapping her hands around my arms not to sure on how to react to this level of physical touch.

I carried her down the street her body was quite shaky and she weighed basically nothing like she hadn't eaten in weeks. "So Bella how old are you?"

"I'm 7" She paused "What's your name?"

"I'm Y/N" I reply

"Y/N... I like your name it's pretty" She compliments

"I like your name to Bella" I placed her down at a small bucket filled with what looked like rain water scooping the water in my hands before washing the new and dried blood of her knees she hissed slightly at the contact

"Y/N that hurts" She cries out

"Sorry but pain comes with healing and especially with cleaning" I inform as i continue to wash the blood of her knees some dirt and grime coming off aswell the young girl stood bawling her first everytime she felt the need to cry out in pain. I finished cleaning of her knees and handed her the apple i was giving she would have better use for it than i would

"Thankyou Y/N!" She says her smile up as she takes small bites out of the apple offering me some I politely decline sitting down next to her

"So Bella do you know about the killings?" I ask it was a stab in the dark maybe she would know?

"Yes" She reply's sitting down next to me "it killed my mommy" She sniffled out looking the ground her heart racing fast her small figure shook slightly as she explained what happened "We were out a while ago walking to the fair I really wanted a new dress so we stayed longer than usual and the big bad boogy man came out of the shadows and grabbed me but my mum fought it she told me to run and.. And I did and now my moms dead" She cried out moving her knees up to hug them with one hand eating small bites of the apple between words tears streaming down her face "i've been by myself ever since" I pull her into a hug

"I'll avenge your mother I promise you"

"Pinkie promise?" She asks holding up her pinkie

"Pinkie promise" I confirm our pinkie interlocking "and lock it" We say at the same time bringing our thumb up and placing them together "You know what happens when somone breaks a pinkie promise?" I ask

"No" She replies looking up at me curiosity in her eyes

"You get to cut off my pinkie" Her eyes lit up at what i said

"REALLY?!" She says in complete shock

"Yeah really" I reply, it was getting to sundown.. The demon would come out of hiding soon enough "You should get inside Bella hide from the demon"

"But I have no where to go" She says her eyes glued to the floor, I let out a small sigh i couldn't just send her on her way i had to protect her!

"Stay by my side and do whatever I say and i'll keep you safe" I say looking down at her moving her bangs out of her face and a smile slowly forms on her soft round face

"Okay" She perks up "I'll help you! I won't run away and leave like i did to mom I won't!" She declares

"No!" I half yell startling her "If I say to run that's means run and hide okay and only come out for me or if the sun comes up okay you got that?" I ask, Bella nods her head yes still looking up at me.

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