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It's been a week since my encounter with Vinnie, and yes he's been on my mind on and off.

I knew this was going to happen whenever I saw him, I just didn't think it'd be so soon, you know? But surprisingly, although he was on my mind non-stop, working on my YouTube channel and my podcast had me very busy.

And also this new drama between Bryce and Austin Mcbroom has been keeping me entertained. If there's anything I really knew about the situation, it was the simple fact that Austin wanted to call out Bryce and basically said he wanted to fight him and now there's this whole thing about a boxing match and all of that drama?

I don't know, it sounds like a load of shit, but it has been fun to talk about with my friends.

But anyways, I was currently laying in bed watching the group chat try and plan a big end of the year celebration.

New Years and Christmas was coming up within the next two weeks and they've been scrambling to find something to do for the last day of the year. On Christmas Eve they already decided they were going to have a little party to celebrate the holiday season.

I had yet to respond in the group chat, yet almost everyone there knew I was back already.

I watched as they all gave some pretty shit suggestions and then I thought of the idea of us all going to Big Bear.

I've never been snowboarding a day in my life, but I wanted to experience snow at some point in December since I was away from New York this holiday season.

mehow about we go to big bear

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how about we go to big bear. i wanted to see some snow since i'm not going to be able to this year and i think it would be cute to see what they do up there for the holiday season :)

avani my lover😚

no but that's a great idea, im so down

cece we missed youuuu🥺

but yes i do agree, I miss Connecticut and I think big bear is a great idea.

mila aka milf
i don't miss the snow that bad🧍🏽‍♀️

oh shut up, you'll go if ryland goes

you spilled🙄

mila aka milf
fuck y'all

haven't been snowboarding in a minute, I'm down

and mila you know it's true, don't be mad baby

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