The Time Journey

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Before the great boom occurred to Aiden and me, life was well and upbeat, constantly filling our minds with dreams of becoming the best twin inventors in the world. Better than the Wright brothers, and even better than Da Vinci himself, but now that dream is crushed. No longer is life the same without my other half, Aiden, if only I could go back in time to stop that event from ever occurring.

"But you can!" said the stranger sitting next to me.

Startled, I turned around and stood up, looking at the stranger with a disappointing expression. Saddened by these short strangers' lies, but I still asked the stranger "Who are you?"

"Me? I'm Leo, creator of the first Time Machine! It can take you to whatever time period or moment in time you want. Best of all, it's all for free!" said the stranger enthusiastically standing up.

Shady as it seemed, meeting a stranger who could read your mind in a subway station in the middle of nowhere was weird. Also, the man was short, old, frizzled with a mad smile that would make anyone think he was insane, but I was still enticed by his offer. Maybe for once, I could see my brother and stop the Great Boom from ever occurring! That way Aiden and I could continue to make groundbreaking inventions together!

"Wait so how did you know what I was thinking? And what's the catch?" I replied, staring at him with suspension. I knew something was off about this time travel device.

"Well, I have another device for reading mines and the catch is you might never get to return back. Oh one last thing, there's a tinie winie possibility that you might die in the middle of the trip, and yeah, nothing too serious," said Leo talking at a speed that I could barely understand.

At first, I thought the man was mad, but now he was cuckoo for sure. How could a person even create a Time Machine? Even Aiden and I never figured out how to build one, but we might have if he didn't get killed so soon, hmm, what should I do?

"Fine, I will take your offer, where is this Time Machine?" I replied as I stared into his eyes.

"On my hand here,"-pointing towards his watch-, "It is one of a kind time machine, it is just like any ordinary watch, same weight, same fabric, just the machinery, and technology is different. That way, it's less suspicious to people living in the past, I do warn you though. I never actually used it before, so what you do is adjust that and..."

After a short while of explaining how to activate and use the watch, I took it and set it back to the 1930s. Right as I pressed the button on the watch, I heard a quiet distant banging on the door next to me, was it a hallucination? Soon my whole body started wobbling around, bending into different shapes and sizes. My eyes started blurring and everyone around me started fading away. TICK-TOCK TICK-TOCK! TICK-TOCK! That was all I could hear as the clock's watch started turning back at crazy fast speeds, the creation of the universe, the big bang, human evolution all unfolded in my eyes in a span of ten short seconds. All of a sudden, my mind started turning hazy, probably from the amount of information that I just absorbed. I felt like barfing for a sec, then snapped out of it, and everything from there on went pitch dark.

"Wake up Ethan!"

I slowly opened my eyes, blinking, a blurring image started forming in front of me. I blinked again, nauseated from the time machine. A tall muscular, white shirtless man, carrying a cheerful smile, all white teeth, and his green eyes staring at me concernedly. I blinked once more, looking around, noticing my legs wrapped in casts and head shooting with a pain unbearable to manage.

"Where am I?" I groaned.

"Uhh, your at-home Ethan" the shirtless man replied.

"Wait, wh-o, are you?" I mumbled back.

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