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"India my birthday ain't till April and I'm doing a photoshoot and I'm going to Dubai away from folks..Girl you know you can come and Durk..I'll be ok I've been single for long time it don't even bother me no more, but I hope you got all yo things and yo iPad you know we getting our syllabuses today and they prolly gone have us take notes..Yes boo I got mine..Ok my future obstetrician I'll see you in math then after school because we going shopping..I love you so so much bestie boo, see you later" I tuned into Zohra's conversation with other her best friend while I tied my shoes up getting ready for my classes as well.

"My ass ain't driving today" she mumbled to herself then she started scrolling through her phone.

"Do you want a ride" I asked then she shook her head.

"No thank you, I'm just gonna get me an uber" she said smiling.

"I have no problem driving us and we have the same classes" I said then she got up.

"I'm ok Tribe have a good day I'll just drive myself I don't need you talking bout me no more" she said then she pulled her dress down and started digging through her purse and grabbed her purse.

"Damn Zo I tried to apologize it was immature of me to do that I'm really tryna start over" I said standing up then she smiled.

"I forgive you I don't know why people think I apologize is equivalent to an I'm sorry, and please call me Zohra" she said causing me to nod.

"My bad, but we good? Clean slate" I asked then she nodded.

"Yes, I have classes at 12 and I was gonna stop and get me a drink so you can gone on imma drive" she said then I sucked my teeth.

"Come on we can go get you something to drink then head to class"

"I'm good I gotta know you better than to get in the car with you and plus ion know what's on yo seats because I know if I had a significant other we'd be having sex in the car" she said then she put her shades on abs proceeded to the door then I heard it close.

Damn, she right. I need to go get my shit detailed and I need to stop being so thirsty, but I can't help it she's so beautiful and I just feel so connected to her even though I know nothing about her and I can tell she's not gonna be easy to crack open.

Walking to the door I grabbed my bag then I grabbed my keys and made my way out the door as well and I saw her talking to some lil white boy.

"Tommy take me to get my favorite drink I'll get you one too and can you take me to school and I'll also braid up your hair pretty please" I heard her say causing me to mug.



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