Chapter Two

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This chapter has been changed to fit a new improved plot. 


The introduction to her new job was swift but she felt like she could manage and settle in without needing further support. Her job was after-all working with numbers which she felt she was cocky enough to admit she was just gifted at. Her own cubicle. Harper smiled to herself skimming her fingers across the plastic surface of her desk enjoying how she could imagine plastering photos of her parents, her and her best friend Daniella, and potentially the future-boyfriend if her love life ever improved. Harper was already imagining the cute pencil case she'd have, the multi-coloured pots for bits and bobs and themed calendar blu-tacked to the cubicle's wall. This was it. A job for life!

Harper quickly sent a message to Daniella, and then one to her parents before putting it on silent as she dropped it in her bag. The excitement was buzzing inside her. She was actually looking forward to working. Collins was a friendly boss and she was pretty sure, she had near enough made a friend, the person adjacent to her cubicle. Alexia, was her name. She seemed nice enough. So, despite this morning's instance with puddle, Harper seemed confident and happy enough to relax into the day.

Collins had left her with a couple sheets to begin working on. The data was fairly important and once she had finished, she was instructed to share it into the wider database along with where the rest of her peers updated and filed. It wasn't even that hard to master as she stretched her fingers and began plotting figures on a scrap piece of paper from her notebook, whilst tapping on the calculator to ensure the numbers were correct.

Harper loved mathematics. It was her strong point hence why her degree was specialised in that area. It just all felt surreal actually working. It was not actually that long ago when she was completing her dissertation, working hard to finish with a 1st, and now here, actually working in her dream job. The hard work was worth it.

Around eleven o'clock, Harper had finished the spreadsheets. She had chattered to Alexia before deciding to head on over to the office kitchen for some free coffee and small snacks. Another reason why she adored this place.

Collins bumped into her on the way there. "Harper, how's it going?" he asked, carrying blue and red files within his plump hands.

"Yeah, I've just finished the load you assigned," she said, smiling proud.

"That's great work. Very speedy," he complimented. "Actually—now that you're here. Do you think you could do me a favour?"

"Sure, what can I do?"

"I was just on my way to drop a couple things off but I've just got word that one of last month's spreadsheet is playing up. We need that for our troublesome client. Do you think you could drop these off?" he asked, holding out the files.


"---This might be a bit daunting for your first day but they're for Mr Brewer. They're records he's asked for. Trust me, all you need to do is just give them to his PA. She'll do the rest. Is that okay?" he interjected.

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