16. Morning

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16. Morning

I woke up to the smell of sausages. I smiled and went to the kitchen as fast I could and watched harry cook. I propped my body onto the counter and watched him scramble around me.

"Good Morning Beautiful, how was your night?"

"Stop quoting music!" I laughed. He put his hand on my thigh causing goosebumps to form around the surrounding skin.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, did you?"

"Of course." His dimples left indents on his cheeks as he looked at me.

"When do you leave?" I asked cautiously.

"3 days." He spoke slowly making my heart pace fasten. I looked at my bare feet wiggling my black painted toes. "Hey," he pulled my face to his and kissed my cheek. "Don't look like that." He whispered in my ear. I shuddered as he turned his body around. "Get on my back." He pressured and I slid off the counter and onto his strong back. He cupped around my thighs and adjusted me comfortably and began to cook again. I sucked the skin of his neck he groaned slightly, "stop I'm cooking." He urged. I blew cool air over it as he moaned again. He put the pan on the burner that was turned off and flipped off the oven. "I can't wait any longer!" He ran down the hall with me on his back and into his room shutting the wooden door behind us.

I jumped down and pulled him to the bed. I laid down as he straddled my waist. He pulled both of my arms to his lips and kissed the bruises. "I promise this will never happen again." He whispered against my skin.

"Just kiss me!" I shouted as he leaned his head down pressing his soft lips to mine. I hated how he'd remind me of the past before any intimate interactions. I felt as if he was bringing everything back to me. His tongue poked my lips trying to get me to allow him access. I smiled against his lips as he chuckled slightly.

"I missed this." He whispered into my mouth.

"Good, so you're staying then?"

"Rose." He pulled away running his hands over his face looked down at me. He brushed his hand over my cheek. "This isn't your decision."

"So what I want doesn't matter." I spoke more as a statement than a question knowing his answer.

"Not as of right now, no."

I bit my lip. "Can we stop?" I asked. He removed himself from his straddled position over me. I went out of the room and into the kitchen to finish what he started.

"Rose stop acting like this!"

"You mean caring?!" I paused. "You want me to stop caring?!"

"No I don't want you mad." He spoke quietly. I rolled my eyes. And put the sausage on a plate.

"They're done." I shoved them towards him, before I walked out annoyed at everything.

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