A Curse of Luck (A kidnapped story) (15) Part 2

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I'm so glad he finds my discomfort amusing. The woman moves to take a seat beside me on the bed. She pulls out a thermometer and holds it out to me. I take it and place it under my tongue.

Next, we play the waiting game. The woman just stares blankly at me, so I turn my face away from her.

How long am I supposed to keep it in? It's one of those older thermometers so it doesn't start beeping when your times up.

"Please take it out." The woman spoke; she must have been keeping track of time in her head.

I remove it from my mouth, and hand it to her; it's too hard for me to read anyway.

She looks to it and turns to Will, but still avoids looking directly at him.

"Her fever is gone she seems perfectly healthy now." Thanks goodness.

"Um, thank you for your help." Will looks at me and smiles. But I'm still watching the strange woman. Why was she only speaking to Will, but not me?

How strange.

The Woman just stands there looking to the floor, "Is there, something else." Will asks.

"Yes Captain Calder wishes to speak with you over breakfast, I am to escort you, and your slave if you wish to him."

Did she just call me his slave!?

Now that I think about she did before to, what the hell I'm not his slave.

"Excuse me?" I glare at her then I look to Will, and he's wearing an extremely guilty expression.

Oh my gosh what did he do?

"Um will give us a second alone, then we'll be right out." Will asks the woman who simply bows her head to him, and exits the door.

"What's going on Will?"

"Whitney promise you won't get upset okay?"

"Why, what did you do, why does she think I'm your slave?"

"Whitney please, just promise you won't be mad, and let me explain."

"Uh, fine, I promise I won't get upset." He gives me a long look.

"And I won't get mad okay, please continue." He gives me another odd look.

"Alright well to make a long story short, after the incident at the bar Calder knows we escaped that auction house and that the other guy had bought you. He thinks I stole you to keep for myself. Calder thinks you're just a human and that since I'm a demon he assumes that your my slave.

"Why would he assume that?"

"Well, were kind of on a slave ship. In this world humans are seen as the lesser beings so many become slaves. And, well I didn't really say anything to let him think otherwise."

"So you let him believe I'm your slave?"

"Yes Whitney, but I think it's for the best. This way people will leave you alone if they think you belong to me. I'm just; I'm not sure what would happen if I told the truth about you having demon genes."

"So you're doing this to protect me?"

"Yes, I think it's safer this way."

I'm not sure what I feel. I mean he did it to protect me, but it kind of feels like he's ashamed of me. I'm kind of hurt that he would just let them think that. I don't know why I'm feeling this.

I'm just, so confused.

"Whitney please, I'm sorry I should have warned you about it sooner, but I didn't get a chance with you fainting and everything."

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