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The sun's rays were warm and bright today. The breeze of the wind was blowing Y/N's hair to the opposite direction of her pathway home. It was Wednesday afternoon and classes had ended. She was adjusting the straps of her school bag, but the wind kept on bothering her hair that irritated her face.

It's usually not this windy... Is it going to rain in a few days? Facing the direction of where the wind was going, Y/N noticed that she was near her neighboring school— Mizo High School. She didn't know anything else about the institution, but she could see a lot of students leaving. She always wanted to take a closer look, but never got the opportunity since she only passes by it daily. Maybe, this was her chance?

So, mentally agreeing to view it up close just once, Y/N went to the side entrance through the trees where visitors can go in.

Her shoes were tapping on the stone pavement as she thought the path would lead her to the yard of the school.

A glad feeling forms in her chest while enjoying the walk. There were also no students in sight to her relief. Y/N didn't want the risk of them looking at her— who's from a different school.

Then again, the wind blows further to the direction of where she were going. It wasn't that strong, but it was making her skirt fly a little. After this quick peek, I'm going straight home right away. She heaves a sigh.

Nearing the end of the pavement, Y/N can hear some manly yells that piqued her interest. Do a lot of students stay after school? She hurried to see what was going on, and she reached an open field that was located behind the school's buildings.

Y/N was completely wrong. The alarming noise came from what she'd obviously describe as delinquents.

She didn't expect them to be this many!

They covered the stairs leading to the field just by their number, and at the center was a scary, tall man with a scar, beating an already beaten up blond boy.

"Finish him!"

"Finish him!"

The delinquents kept on cheering the taller male on as he kneed the blond on his stomach.

Aren't they just students? Why are there no school staff stopping them!?

Y/N's blood boiled at the sight, and she clenched her fist.

There is a reason for the breeze on a warm day. Either it's really going to rain soon or its direction brought her here to put a stop to this.

Y/N believed it was the latter even though she knew that supernatural phenomenons don't exist, but the scene in front of her is real. And she wasn't liking this.

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